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Lover of most FPS games, some RPG games and not too much of a lover of MMORPG games. I share a dream with every other gamer that games can be taken seriously as a way to experience story that is not film or music. I grew up on Zelda, Metroid, Mario and Final Fantasy. My current faves are Bioshock series, Gears of War series, Deus Ex series, Skyrim, Far Cry 3 among others. I also love RTS games such as Command & Conquer and Starcraft. I one day aspire to create (or help create in some way) my own video game and wouldn't mind reviewing games for a living either ;)

12:49 PM on 04.03.2013

So....I've just found out that LucasArts studio has been closed down by new owner Disney. I think a little bit of my soul has just died. This studio has given me some of my earliest and fondest moments of gaming forever.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (the point and click adventure one)

The Secret of Monkey Island
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Full Throttle

among many others. I grew up on these games (consoles didn't really have these excellent point and click adventures at this point) for the computer and heavily influenced me to want to make a career out of creating games. These games are the probably the main reason I spent so much time on the computer as a child and loved the humor behind the puzzles in these games. Nostalgia rules. Rest in peace LucasArts, you will most definitely be missed.
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I'm going to start off this blog (my first one being on this topic, I've had this in my head for about a year) by saying that I am all for fan service. I really am, but there is always bound to be artistic differences between artists, other artists and their fans. I love Stephen King novels but the ending to his fantastic Dark Tower series was absolutely terrible in my opinion but it wasn't my story to begin with. Yea, I'm sure that many fans petitioned and whined for a new ending, but he didn't give it to them and that makes him a better author for it. It is his story and he should write it the way he intended it.

The hoopla over the Mass Effect 3 ending was a little too overboard in my opinion. Yea, I thought the ending was a little bit of a letdown and too much fantasy for a scifi/fantasy game but it was still Bioware's story to tell. I'm sure people will throw a fit over Bioshock Infinite as well but because some people disagree with the ending doesn't make it any less of a great story (or game for that matter, because it is excellent). Developers should absolutely appeal to fans by fixing or correcting what was wrong with previous games but in a story context, that's not really fair. I love Stephen King but that doesn't mean everyone else does either. You create a story you want to share with the world, whether they like or dislike that story is up to them, not the author. Yes, it's possible to have a bad story or bad storytelling but you can't have it your way when it comes to some things. That's why you set out and create your own game or story or whatever it is when you think you can do something better.