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8:36 PM on 01.21.2009

Misc Blog

First real blog post, so here it goes...

Some basic info about me...

Favorite Games:
MGS series
Yakuza 2
Halo 3 multiplayer
I'm drawing a blank now for some reason... But if anyone has a cool header image I could use relating to any of the games above, feel free to post it.

I listen to Podtoid and Podcastle religiously and enjoy them both, keep up the good work!

So now for something you can actually respond to...
How often do you buy a game for 2 systems? Mainly 360 and PC, or PS3 and PC, whatever. I enjoy Xbox Live a lot because most of my friends are on there, but I find myself buying a lot of single player games on there as well, even though I have a capable PC and I could take advantage of mods and whatnot. I put over 100 hours into Oblivion on the 360, but I am interested in buying it on the PC because of the great mod community. Samew thing for Fallout 3 ad L4D, both of which I own for the 360.

And now my rambling blog comes to an end..sorry if it was bad, bear with me!   read

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