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Ben Davis avatar 7:36 PM on 09.29.2011  (server time)
Top 10 video game kittens (SFW edition!)

Lately, Destructoid has been all abuzz with kittens. I'm hearing about them everywhere, and I always think, "Oh, how fun! I love kittens!" I'm always left disappointed, however, because there are never actually any kittens anywhere to be seen, just some half-naked women with various video game paraphernalia covering their naughty parts. Boooring.

What gives, Destructoid? You promised me kittens, and so far you have not delivered. I thought it might be best, then, to take on the job myself and provide the Destructoid community with all of the adorable video game kittens that it's been yearning for. Therefore, I present to you all my top 10 list of video game kittens, of the actual feline variety! Enjoy :3

10. Nago from Kirby's Dream Land 3

Kirby acquires a slew of new friends to help him out in his third Dream Land adventure. One of them is a cute, fat calico cat named Nago, who rolls Kirby up into a ball and walks around by rolling him like a ball of yarn. How cute is that? He also comes with his own set of abilities to use whenever Kirby acquires an enemy's ability, just like the rest of the friends, so it's fun to see what all Nago can do with the various abilities. Growing up, my family had a fat calico cat named Callie (creative, I know), so I always had a soft spot for Nago whenever I played this game.

9. Pura from the Crash Bandicoot series

Unlike the rest of the kittens on this list, Pura is a tiger cub, so he's more of a wildcat than a domestic pet. That doesn't stop him from being an overly adorable kitty though. In Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, Coco can ride on Pura's back during her levels, and in Crash Team Racing you can choose Pura as a racer. Needless to say, Pura was always my first choice to race with. His adorable meowing sound effects always make me smile!

8. Blinx from Blinx: The Time Sweeper

So, I haven't actually played this game, as it received a lukewarm reception which left me hesitant to pick it up, but I cannot deny that Blinx is one adorable kitty. With his big, bright eyes, cool goggles, huge collar and fuzzy pink fur, I have to admit that I wanted to play the game just based on his appearance. Blinx is the only titular character on this list, even though he is not the only titular feline video game character. I wasn't about to let Bubsy anywhere near my list, Klonoa might be based on a rabbit or a dog even though I think he looks like a cat, and I wasn't sure if Ratchet really counted, being a fictional species that happens to look rather feline, so Blinx won the competition.

7. Jeane from No More Heroes

Jeane is the most realistic kitty on this list, although she's not exactly an important character by any means. While taking a break in his room from killing assassins and being a general badass, Travis Touchdown can show his softer side and play with his pet kitty, Jeane. You can feed her, wave a toy in front of her, or pet her as she lays on your stomach. Jeane is undeniably adorable, mewing softly whenever you play with her, and rolling over on her back so you can rub her belly. She makes me want to go out a buy a kitten to play with on my own!

6. Spitz from the WarioWare series

Spitz and his partner Dribble are the cat and dog cabbie duo that run the Diamond Taxi service in Diamond City. They drive a taxi that's able to float on water, fly into outer space and more, and they often tend to pick up supernatural passengers. Although Dribble is the driver, Spitz seems to be the brains of the duo. Their minigames are usually Sci-Fi themed. I always pick one of the two of them when playing multiplayer games, because look how adorable they are in their blue coveralls, wearing goggles and helmets! Also, their level in Smooth Moves is by far my favorite, because of the super happy soundtrack!

5. Meowth from the Pokemon series

Meowth, that's right! I won't lie. Meowth's position on this list is based almost entirely on his depiction in the anime. He doesn't have much of a personality in any of the games (although he is charmingly goofy in Pokemon Snap), but since he originated in video game form, it felt appropriate to include him. In the anime of course, he is part of the villainous Team Rocket trio, and he's one of the few Pokemon in the show that can speak English, having taught himself the language in an attempt to appear more sophisticated to a swanky female Meowth that he had the hots for. He's one of my favorite characters in the show due to his personality, although sadly I don't believe I've ever used him in the video games.

4. Cait Sith from Final Fantasy VII

During my first playthrough of Final Fantasy VII, Cait Sith was consistently in my party as soon as he joined the team at the Gold Saucer. I was immediately drawn to his adorable character design. A cute little black cat atop a huge, lovable Moogle? Yes, please! Unfortunately, his limit break was a little lame, and I never understood how exactly he attacked things with megaphones as his weapons, but I always used him nonetheless. Then I found out what he really was, just a toy controlled by a member of Shinra, and I liked him a little less. It's sort of difficult to determine Cait Sith's true character after that revelation, whether he is trustworthy or not, and whether he is controlled entirely by Reeve or contains some hint of artificial intelligence as well (why would he make such a big deal about sacrificing himself at the Temple of the Ancients if they could just send along another one?). In the end, though, I still think he's the most adorable team member in all of the Final Fantasy series, even though I don't usually use him to fight anymore.

3. Xiao from Dark Cloud

Xiao is actually a stray cat that the hero Toan discovers and rescues from the Divine Beast dungeon. After being given a magical potion, she suddenly transforms into a human form, with a tail and long ears, and joins Toan on his quest as a member of his party. She's very optimistic and loyal to Toan for rescuing her, but also very timid. I found her to be relatively weak, unfortunately, although her slingshots were sometimes useful in picking off long-range enemies, and of course her jumping abilities were necessary for navigating the dungeons. Her position on my list is due mainly to the idea behind her character design. How cool would it be if your pet cat could magically turn into a human and talk to you? Well, maybe that would be really weird, but it would be interesting to hear what they have to say about you!

2. Evil the Cat from Earthworm Jim

I needed to include at least one sinister kitty on this list, and who better to fill that spot than Evil? Evil the Cat is a manifestation of pure evil, and rules over the planet Heck, a place which is eerily similar to our stereotypical visions of Hell. During the boss fight with Evil, he steals Earthworm Jim's suit, rendering him quite useless and leaving him only with the ability to jump. Once you regain your suit, you must then defeat each of Evil's nine lives before he can finally be vanquished. Although he is so thoroughly evil, he can sometimes be seen licking his fur or playing with a ball of yarn, making him as adorable as he is evil!

1. Cats from the Animal Crossing series

I tried to pick just one for this list, but I couldn't. There are so many great feline characters in the Animal Crossing games, it's impossible for me to choose a favorite! My gut instinct was to go with Blanca, because of her hilarious and creative minigame where you have to draw a face for her. The possibilities are endless, whether you want to draw her all bug-eyed, crazy looking, super angry or just normal, and it's even funny just to see her walking around with no face at all (and somewhat shocking the first time you encounter her)! But I also have a soft spot for Rover, the very first character you meet who introduces himself on the train to your destination. I like that he has a name typical for a dog, even though he is a cat. Rover can be a bit too talkative and nosy, however, which is slightly annoying but also rather endearing. At least he's not as bad as Resetti. And then I remembered Bob. Who doesn't love Bob the cat? He's a super chill male cat with purple fur and a flowery dress, so basically he's awesome in every way. I never had him in my town though, which makes me sad. I did have plenty of other cool cats in my town however, including the equally chill Punchy, the super sweet Kiki and the very sassy Monique. In short, I don't think any list of awesome video game animals would be complete without an Animal Crossing character, although it may be difficult to pick just one!

So what did you think? Were there any glaring omissions that I forgot about? Were you expecting half-naked women and are therefore thoroughly disappointed? Let me know in the comments!

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