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Ben Davis avatar 5:36 PM on 09.04.2012  (server time)
PK493's Phenomenal PAX Adventure!

This year was the first time PK493 and I got to go to PAX! Unfortunately, only PK's avatar could make it this year, but he had a lot of fun at the convention nonetheless! My own PAX adventure will come in a later post, but for now let's take a look at some of the things PK493 saw at PAX!

We arrived in Seattle together on Thursday, and were picked up by knutaf and taken to a post-flight lunch at a Pho restaurant with some other Dtoiders, including Mr. Andy Dixon, SuperMonk4Ever, Jon Bloodspray and Colton Phillips (an honorary Dtoider). Here's PK enjoying some tasty Pho!

On Day 1 of the convention, we headed straight for the Destructoid panel in the Unicorn Theatre. PK got to chat with Mr. Destructoid while we waited in line!

After the panel, we headed onto the exhibition floor and made a beeline for the Indie Megabooth (obviously!). We played a bunch of neat indie games together. Upon finishing the demo of Antichamber, we turned around to find that Jordan Devore and Conrad Zimmerman had been right behind us watching the screen!

As we headed home from Day 1 of the convention, we ran into Mr. Andy Dixon again, who was excited to see us!

During the next two days of the convention, PK tried to see as much stuff as he could before it was all over. He got to see the totally awesome Borderlands 2 statue!

He got to ride a sweet-looking LocoCycle bike, an upcoming game from Twisted Pixel!

He got to hang out with the Castle Crashers!

He found a really creepy and really awesome Creeper statue at the Mojang Museum!

And last, but not least, he ran into Papa Burch from Hey Ash Whatcha Playin' on the show floor! Papa Burch was very nice and agreed to pose for a picture!

Afterwards, we headed home from the convention and caught our flight back home to Columbus. We had a ton of fun together during our first PAX, hanging out with our awesome Dtoid friends and seeing all the cool games and things at the convention! Can't wait to come back next year and do it all over again!

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