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barrenx2 avatar 7:47 PM on 09.19.2011  (server time)
Multiplayer in Mass Effect 3... Yes or No?

Not only will Mass Effect 3 sport voice recognition via Kinect, but it is rumored to be equipped with a multiplayer option. I've also been hearing that it will be based on a type of four-player horde mode.

Itís common knowledge nowadays that Bioware wants to continue making games based in the Mass Effect universe. It has even been suggested that the next ME game will be an MMO, which would be perfect in this particular universe. Playing as a Turian assassin would be a delight, and it goes without saying that it would satiate the majority of the Mass Effect fanbase.

However, is it necessary to have multiplayer options in Mass Effect 3? Creating your own version of Commander Sheppard and making galaxy-shaping moral choices are a big part of the play-your-way option that is so popular in the series. The developers put a lot of time into creating a carefully woven story with different scenarios and outcomes that everyone can experience. But itís always done well as a single player experience. Is Bioware trying to add something new to the game because they really think it will enhance game play or are they trying to compete with the plethora of games that have such an addition?

The reason why Batman: Arkham Asylum was so successful was because they focused on the combat, graphics, dialogue, and most importantly, the story. Rocksteady put so much effort into crafting one of the best Batman games in a very long time (if not EVER), and they did it without implementing multiplayer. In fact, they added challenge modes to fool around with when they finished the campaign. It was fun to dedicate some time toward achieving a fifty-hit combo.

In Dead Space 2, the story was quite long, and it scared the life out of some. At its core, it is more of an action game with a scary twist, but it was still quite terrifying. Then, they added cooperative multiplayer to the third person shooter, and it turns out that itís not as desirable as Visceral Games would have hoped. One side has a completely unfair advantage over the other, and itís incredibly dark throughout game play.

Digressing to the main point, Mass Effect 3 is one of Biowareís best games. Wouldnít it be more appropriate to wait until their unannounced MMO to add multiplayer? I'm afraid that this added feature will detract from the main story and overall game because itís something that hasnít been tried in the series before. It's my belief that any given game takes the player through a campaign-long tutorial, training the player on how to defeat the final boss or escape the suicide mission with your entire crew intact. You spend all game developing these skills, upgrading weapons, and building an arsenal that would make Hitler roll in his grave. But multiplayer doesn't require use of any of those skills. It's more of a 'blow the messy mess out of the opposing players' experience. That sounds great, but I can't see it doing well in Mass Effect 3. Do I need to open my mind and be more flexible?

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