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barnes avatar 4:50 PM on 03.06.2011  (server time)
Battlefield Play4free Beta Preveiw

Battlefield play4free has been on my radar since it was announced they just allowed many people into the closed beta, and the beta goes public in April. I reviewed the service agreement and now where did it say that I could not share information about the beta so, With out further adue here is my preview of Battlefield play4free:

I have played many Free to play games (Battlefield hero's, Runescape, Warrock just to name a few) and this is by far one of the best i have ever played, even in beta. The game reuses maps and vehicles from battlefield 2, and plays pretty much just like it. If you have spent any time playing Battlefield on the Pc youíll fit right in.That being said Battlefield play4free brings alot to the table.

Battlefield play4free utilizes a various customization options, from gear to training to use special equipment. To use in-game items you will need to purchase them using one of the two types of currency Battle-funds,which you have to pay for using a credit card or pay-pal , Or Credits , which you earn by playing the game.With credits you can rent most weapons for a day or 3, but to buy a weapons or rent it for a month you will need battle funds, which if you have a Battlefield hero's account , you can use any left over from that account.

Battlefield play4free also uses some of the newer features from the Bad company games ,Like the class systems and weapons, and other features from Battlefield hero's. Currently youíre only allowed to have two different solders( which means only make use of two classes from the four,Medic,Recon,Assault,And engineer) and you can purchase another slot for 140 Battle-Funds,And once you chose a character , you canít change them ,so chose wisely.

The Open beta starts on April 4th , but any one who joins the face-book fan page gets in two days early. Below are some screen shoots I didnít have room for,I hope to see you out on the battlefield this coming April.

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