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barnes avatar 1:40 PM on 06.04.2011  (server time)
Bargain bin - beat hazard.

For the past couple months Iíve purchased quite a few game for a small price. Iíve decided to start a mini-series of blogs reviewing all the games in my library that I purchased for $20 or less, So here it is Tales from the Bargain bin.

Beat hazard
Released:April 15, 2010 Price:$10
Platforms:Pc[Reviewed] , Xbox 360
Players:1-2( with game pad and keyboard)

If there is one thing I love as much as Games, its music. For this reason I have loved Beat hazard to death. Beat hazard plays like a more fast paced, more colorful, more diverse asteroids. one may call it asteroids on steroids. I do warn you If you have so much of a hint of Epilepsy,this game will make you seizure. The colors and effects are very in your face, With every shot the scree flashes up like in stars wars.

Thats not really a bad thing though, The colors enhance the experience as a whole of listening to and playing the music, They even include a visualizer mode

Beat hazard has provided me hours of fun. At the easier difficulties, Its a good way to just listen to that new album or that band you havenít heard in a while and have something to do at the same time.At the higher difficulties, It is a fast paced ,chaotic Arcade shooter.

With all this being said, This game isnít for everyone..There is only a couple of enemies and bosses, which for some will cut the replay value,but the game can randomly generate a level from any audio file you provide for it, plus it has multiple modes like Two player, Survival an Chill-out mode(A mode in which you take no damage.) In conclusion, This game might not be for every one,But if you love music I would highly recommend this game for the small price tag.

Score:7/10( above average, not great but still a good game.)

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