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1:40 PM on 06.04.2011

Bargain bin - beat hazard.

For the past couple months Iíve purchased quite a few game for a small price. Iíve decided to start a mini-series of blogs reviewing all the games in my library that I purchased for $20 or less, So here it is Tales from the Bargain bin.

Beat hazard
Released:April 15, 2010 Price:$10
Platforms:Pc[Reviewed] , Xbox 360
Players:1-2( with game pad and keyboard)

If there is one thing I love as much as Games, its music. For this reason I have loved Beat hazard to death. Beat hazard plays like a more fast paced, more colorful, more diverse asteroids. one may call it asteroids on steroids. I do warn you If you have so much of a hint of Epilepsy,this game will make you seizure. The colors and effects are very in your face, With every shot the scree flashes up like in stars wars.

Thats not really a bad thing though, The colors enhance the experience as a whole of listening to and playing the music, They even include a visualizer mode

Beat hazard has provided me hours of fun. At the easier difficulties, Its a good way to just listen to that new album or that band you havenít heard in a while and have something to do at the same time.At the higher difficulties, It is a fast paced ,chaotic Arcade shooter.

With all this being said, This game isnít for everyone..There is only a couple of enemies and bosses, which for some will cut the replay value,but the game can randomly generate a level from any audio file you provide for it, plus it has multiple modes like Two player, Survival an Chill-out mode(A mode in which you take no damage.) In conclusion, This game might not be for every one,But if you love music I would highly recommend this game for the small price tag.

Score:7/10( above average, not great but still a good game.)   read

4:04 PM on 03.23.2011

My homefront.

Its an early morning in April in Louisiana,even though the days heat is suffocating.The fabric of my clothes clings to me with the perspiration accumulated from the hike through the dense underbrush of the pine forest. I check my trip lines and my gear one last time , then look down at my watch, the small convoy should be rolling through soon.I lay down on a spot of dead leaves over look the highway 1077 as I hear the vehicles crawling down my road like they own it , they are severely mistaken. I take out the picture of my wife and whisper "All for you." as the first vehicle, a small light skinned jeep, hits my first I.E.D. The rest of the convoy halts and soldiers flood out of the APCs.I detonate my second explosion and the last jeep explodes into a brilliant fireball.Now the soldiers are scattering like ants disrupted from there trail , running and screaming.I grasp my grandfathers .30-06 as tall man steps calmly out of a well armed APC. He stripes catch my eye like a bright morning , this is the one I thought to my self , the one who killed her.I line up his ugly face in my cross-hairs, and unmercifully.the shot connect and I can see all the eyes turn towards me yelling out and pointing.The shots rained down around me as I hastily tired to run , the cannons loud as the fourth of July celebrations of my child hood. I weave in and out of the pine trees and the thorn bushes protest my path.I hear the voices closing in on me ,prefect I think. The voices turn to scream as the platoon hits the forest edge.The whole sky it seems was ablaze with the orange glow from the explosion.I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to a small motor bike hidden in the bushes and speed off into the morning fog,Now I can rest in peace.   read

4:50 PM on 03.06.2011

Battlefield Play4free Beta Preveiw

Battlefield play4free has been on my radar since it was announced they just allowed many people into the closed beta, and the beta goes public in April. I reviewed the service agreement and now where did it say that I could not share information about the beta so, With out further adue here is my preview of Battlefield play4free:

I have played many Free to play games (Battlefield hero's, Runescape, Warrock just to name a few) and this is by far one of the best i have ever played, even in beta. The game reuses maps and vehicles from battlefield 2, and plays pretty much just like it. If you have spent any time playing Battlefield on the Pc youíll fit right in.That being said Battlefield play4free brings alot to the table.

Battlefield play4free utilizes a various customization options, from gear to training to use special equipment. To use in-game items you will need to purchase them using one of the two types of currency Battle-funds,which you have to pay for using a credit card or pay-pal , Or Credits , which you earn by playing the game.With credits you can rent most weapons for a day or 3, but to buy a weapons or rent it for a month you will need battle funds, which if you have a Battlefield hero's account , you can use any left over from that account.

Battlefield play4free also uses some of the newer features from the Bad company games ,Like the class systems and weapons, and other features from Battlefield hero's. Currently youíre only allowed to have two different solders( which means only make use of two classes from the four,Medic,Recon,Assault,And engineer) and you can purchase another slot for 140 Battle-Funds,And once you chose a character , you canít change them ,so chose wisely.

The Open beta starts on April 4th , but any one who joins the face-book fan page gets in two days early. Below are some screen shoots I didnít have room for,I hope to see you out on the battlefield this coming April.
img][/img]   read

8:33 PM on 09.19.2010

Yay work!

Well its exam time , and that means lots of meaningless projects , the one i have in question in my English project .For this project I have to pick successful person in the field I want to work in and right about there rise in the industry , and since am on here i think all of you can guess what field that is ? So any suggestions about developer i should look into , i was think one of the heads at re-spawn entertainment ( at the risk of being cliche but than again my teacher has no idea what MW2 is so that won't matter), but i know there is others , so what is your favorite success story in the gaming industry. post your thoughts , its due on Thursday so make it quick :).   read

9:44 PM on 06.12.2010

Gamers rejoice!

The American Psychological Association has releasedand report on the affects of viloent vidoe games with kids

"Recent research has shown that as video games have become more popular, children in the United States and Europe are having fewer behavior problems, are less violent and score better on standardized tests," Ferguson, a guest editor for the journal, explained.Suck on that haters
full article   read

6:30 PM on 03.04.2010

Why we fight- Part 2

After posting my blog(see "why we fight") i realized that i did not cover all the reasons to fight in my uncolpelte uncut rate.Now i will

I, and presumbaly everyone ,play multiplayer for the glory, the rush of killing your foes and saying what now yeah suck my big hariy balls while crouch reapeatly over his dead bodie, thats right you do it , i do it we all do it . We as humas are very compeitive and multiplayer is taking it to another level.I don't care if you work good with a team , you are acuturly nice, or don't yell explitives into the mic.Try not to yell HEADSHOT BITCH DID YOU SEE THAT!!! when you pull of a no scope from point blank . Thats right even you can be a douche bag but what matters is to what extent .no one likes a sore loser and noone likes a d_ bag keep that in mind when playing(if you like this kind of game play check out the fair playing society on steam to see more).

You are traped there is no way out ,you have two and a half bullets and one battery to your flash ligh.
You surrived the last wave but will your surrvied the next?
This bye far ,is my favortie reason to fight, the feeling or being over welomed it intoxicating a fear that can not be replacted , these games never feel dry you know why you are fight it is them or you weather it be zombie muntants or hordes of flaming chainswaw welding clowns you can't get enough of this.

this is just to make you feel like your life is totaly wasted , nothing says job well done liek the little bannre across the bottom of your screen that says you unlocked some impossible feat congrates , time for the next one

Pure vilonce
sometims you just like to blow yor oppants to shreds while imagining your "favortite person 's"head one their body , or like my dad just ranfomly walk into my room pick up my controller and beat the newest call of duty game, i don't belvive yuo are focusing on the story, but you just want to have fun

well thats prettymusch all i can think of .Any more ideads? post them in the comments i have no life so i will check them every day almost.

Noob gamer   read

5:49 PM on 03.01.2010

Why we fight

I, in my 13 years of life, have played many games and all of them have included conflict.Some times we were fighting for freedom, the weak,or sometimes just to surrvive,but none of it was valid it all seemed like it was just for the hell of it. They were the enemies that is why we fought them , and for no other reason.This seemed fine ,but recently I played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and ,as most of you know, this game was controversial for it's "No Russian " mission. Some say this mission was un called for and uneeded,but for me it did what nothing else valadated the fighting for now i knew what i was fighting for and every time I said Makarov it was with a anger and bad taste on my tongue , i truely wanted to kill this bastard.And then there was sherpeard who kiulled us for personal gain while there was urgent matters at hand, he was a threat to me getting my man so i gladly killed him.I aplaud infintay ward for invoking such feelings and can't wait to play there next game   read

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