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11:30 PM on 09.16.2007


Electronical Love Story: Part 1 This is a story about what a videogame website can do to love. There are always things that you don't get to see. This is a peek behind the Dtoid curtain. The better halves of Dtoid might know this to well. Once upon a time there lived a girl who met a boy. They quickly fell in love and made plans for their future. One night while the girl was away the boy discovered electronicals. When she arrived home later that night the house was a disaster and and the boy was on his bed surrounded by these electronicals. They were everywhere and the girl did not know what to do. The boy only spoke to the electronicals and the girl was becoming lonley. She bought new clothes and tried different hairstyles but still he gave her little attention. He had not been out of the house in months and had changed his name to Greybush. So the girl left the boy to drown in his own filth. This was not the man she fell in love with years ago. Both the boy and the girl moved on but never once stopped loving each other. The boy was forced to make a living by his electronicals for their was no other way. He flew around the united states and went to parties while the girl continued to go to school. They reunited six months later and fell into a dangerous love spell once again. He promised that if she vowed to love him forever that he would set away time for her and only her. Oh how the girl wanted to believe him, this is what she had been praying for. The girl knew his new job with electronicals was important however and was skeptical as to whether or not this was even possible. The girl did not know what to do. Her heart was torn, and the decision wrestled in her mind until her own self doubt won. The boy became angry with uncertainties and her lack of faith in him. Now she does not know if there will ever be a happy ending, but in time she trusts that what is meant to be will be. It is all up to the Electronicals now.   read

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