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balth's blog

12:44 PM on 09.14.2009

Beatles: Rock Band: A Dialogue between friends.

The following is a real conversation between myself and King3VBO about Bealtles: Rock Band. I think it summarizes my feelings more than anything. Also, please play RB: Beatles responsibly and do not drink yourself into a st...   read

11:50 PM on 07.03.2009

I dreamed a dream, and then it was real. (NVGR, but PA related, d&d related and WIN related)

Someone pinch me because I feel like Susan Boyle. Only not looking like her. And not coming in second. I think I need to work on my analogies... So, I've been mostly away from dtoid for a while because of work. I post sp...   read

12:53 PM on 06.23.2009

Hey dudes from White Stripes and Led Zepplin... Shut the F**k up.

I saw this story spammed across all the major news sites today: If you haven't seen it, I'll spare you the story. Jack White of the White Stripe...   read

6:56 PM on 06.22.2009

Someone's got a case of the Mondays.

You know what? I'm bored. Not ; not even I mean Samuel L. Jackson motherfucking bored. And I don't swear. Much. Unless I've got the popeye suit on. But I digress... See, here's the deal. I've got shooter A, shoo...   read

5:14 PM on 02.19.2009

âl0w3r - A short review. Language Warning.

That Game Company (I always think of 'that 70's show'), the same company that brought us has been hard at work for the PS-Triple putting together another very unique game called: . The setup: You're not dust on the wind, ...   read

11:19 AM on 12.26.2008

Miss Suzi via Dtoid = sucky sucky?

When I woke up this morning, I found this in my inbox: Hello, How are you and how is your work hope all is moving fine.i seek for honest partner and i meet you at and it was interesting and attractive then i ...   read

10:37 AM on 12.23.2008

Prince of Persia (POP), not to be confused with Milk of Magnesia (MOM), a similar acronym that goes well together.

No, we aren't talking about mating. If you came in for the mating pictures, you'll have to move on. We're talking about: I played the original, ORIGINAL PoP on the PC way back in the day before most of the loyal dtoid re...   read

12:43 PM on 11.12.2008

Smackdown vs. Raw 2009: A skeptic's review.

Hello, cheeel-drun! [insert fallout radio announcer here] Today I would like to talk to you about a game for the PS3/360 (Wii and Ps2 also have it, but gimpified versions, so we won't discuss them) called: First, let me t...   read

7:23 PM on 10.24.2008

I don't want to break the Internets, but LittleBigPlanet Arrives tomorrow, guaranteed.

As a man with his hooks in those with the know, I received a call at 3:45pm this afternoon, telling me that LBP would be in tomorrow at my local GameStop. I did some legwork and through a regional district manager, found tha...   read

3:11 PM on 10.17.2008

LBP Delay is Complete and Utter B|_|115417

Elsewhere on the site, you'll find a very nice and well-thought post on why we shouldn't be upset about the LBP release. That's not what you're going to get here. You're going to get angry typing, from someone who was affec...   read

10:43 AM on 10.16.2008

Want to REALLY finish the fight... in Fable 2? Now with MOAR Master Chief.

First let me assure you that according to Daily Game these aren't shoops. And you aren't THE master chief per se, but you are sporting the Mjonlir (pronounced Mee yon lihr for you unfamiliar-with-Norse-j types) armor and V...   read

4:39 PM on 09.23.2008

Appreciating Dtoid Member: king3vbo (community, nvgr, nsfw)

For those of you that don't know him, let me take a moment to lean on a stump, draw you in close like I'm your friend, and tell you all about king3vbo. I've never met him. I don't play any videogames with him. (Mainly bec...   read

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