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balth avatar 6:56 PM on 06.22.2009  (server time)
Someone's got a case of the Mondays.

You know what? I'm bored.


not even

I mean Samuel L. Jackson

motherfucking bored.

And I don't swear. Much. Unless I've got the popeye suit on. But I digress...

See, here's the deal. I've got shooter A, shooter B, shooter C, shooter D... I am Michael Bay fatigued.

I've got Little Big Planet, from which I'm suffering from terminal cute fatigue AND terminal 'oh my god it will take me six months to make a level so I don't even want to boot the game' fatigue.

I can't play Rock Band by myself. It's against my religion. Stealing my spotlight.

Fallout 3 is fantastic, but there's soooooo much to do, still. And just meh. I have this catalog of games that just sits here, staring at me.

It asks me "Whatcha playin', Ash?' and then I'm stepped on with the OTHER giant robot foot. (continuity for those keeping up.)

It looks like someone's got a...

What's to be done? Well first, this is actually not just a pictogram post for those that aren't past the age of 13 and cannot stand to read. I have a point.

The point is this: videogaming, like every other industry on the planet, is cyclical. Comics are a prime example of this. When things are on a down cycle, invention and new storytelling ideas are brought forth. Once the upswing for the industry begins, stagnation in creativity sets in, leading to another eventual decline. Market analysis and trending helps extend the upswing as long as possible these days. Noone wants a repeat of the 80's crash.

And to an extent, videogaming is the same way. As I have gotten older, I sort of do trending with my friends, informally, of course. It seems we all 'fall out of games' for a while, and then come back bigger and badder than ever.

I have to say, after last holiday season's barrage of games released, I'm actually fatigued. I'm finally finishing all these games I wanted to play back then, and now I'm feeling blasť about the whole thing. Work, side projects (like my new iphone app (insert shameless plug for iNit here), starting up 3 other companies AND running/playing in 4 d&d games a week has sort of left me... not wanting for the current crop of games coming out. It probably didn't help that I plowed through *2* plays of infamous in 3 days.

And now...really.. until Beatles Rock Band, Modern Warfare 2 and Dragon Age: Origins, there's not much out there I'm interested in. But I know, as the summer heat wanes, so, too, will my case of the Mondays. And then it will be time to hit the controller just that much harder.

that is all.

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