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balth's blog

11:41 AM on 03.26.2011

The Most Definitive Sucker Punch Review EVAR. 1800+ words and pictures

I watched Sucker Punch yesterday. Here are my thoughts Let me know what you thought here or there.   read

1:15 AM on 01.06.2011

1500+ word review of DC Universe Online Beta

Can be found here: that is all.   read

12:17 PM on 03.17.2010

OMG, King3vb0 is in newest Mega64!

Imagine my surprise as I'm stumbling around the tubes this morning and I happen upon DToid's very own King3vb0 in the newest Mega64! I dunno why exactly he said his name was something else, maybe he was incognito. King you're internets famous now!!! GRATS!   read

9:20 AM on 02.27.2010

A (mostly) comprehensive Heavy Rain review.

I had originally retooled it for display here, but apparently the site thinks somehow I am spam, with no indication of what it objects to. So I guess you'll have to read it here. that is all.   read

1:30 PM on 11.23.2009

My bi-monthly post: Dragon's Age: Origins the Anti-Jimpression Review

First of all, the goods: The platform: PC. I want to preface this by saying I love Jim Sterling. But in this one particular instance, when he reviewed DA:O, he complained about things that were actual SETTINGS (in case...   read

12:31 PM on 10.19.2009

An intended discourse on replaying games that you've red-headed stepchild(ed).

I checked the back of my box to be sure, Y0j1mb0 and I both definitely have on the back of our boxes; and as such, I'd like to discuss a problem I've found I've had for the last several years: Game Completion. First of a...   read

12:44 PM on 09.14.2009

Beatles: Rock Band: A Dialogue between friends.

The following is a real conversation between myself and King3VBO about Bealtles: Rock Band. I think it summarizes my feelings more than anything. Also, please play RB: Beatles responsibly and do not drink yourself into a st...   read

11:50 PM on 07.03.2009

I dreamed a dream, and then it was real. (NVGR, but PA related, d&d related and WIN related)

Someone pinch me because I feel like Susan Boyle. Only not looking like her. And not coming in second. I think I need to work on my analogies... So, I've been mostly away from dtoid for a while because of work. I post sp...   read

12:53 PM on 06.23.2009

Hey dudes from White Stripes and Led Zepplin... Shut the F**k up.

I saw this story spammed across all the major news sites today: If you haven't seen it, I'll spare you the story. Jack White of the White Stripe...   read

6:56 PM on 06.22.2009

Someone's got a case of the Mondays.

You know what? I'm bored. Not ; not even I mean Samuel L. Jackson motherfucking bored. And I don't swear. Much. Unless I've got the popeye suit on. But I digress... See, here's the deal. I've got shooter A, shoo...   read

5:14 PM on 02.19.2009

âl0w3r - A short review. Language Warning.

That Game Company (I always think of 'that 70's show'), the same company that brought us has been hard at work for the PS-Triple putting together another very unique game called: . The setup: You're not dust on the wind, ...   read

11:19 AM on 12.26.2008

Miss Suzi via Dtoid = sucky sucky?

When I woke up this morning, I found this in my inbox: Hello, How are you and how is your work hope all is moving fine.i seek for honest partner and i meet you at and it was interesting and attractive then i ...   read

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