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bahss avatar 3:45 PM on 05.24.2009  (server time)
Unofficial Dtoid TCG Update: (Most) Everything has changed...

Last week, the Unofficial Destructoid Trading Card Game: Flame Wars was announced. Now today, the TCG formerly known as Flame Wars is now unnamed. What stands in it's place, is an acronym.

D: E. K.

But, what does D:E.K. mean? How is it relevant to the TCG I've created?

Well, that's something I'd like the community to participate in. This game is about you and I'd like to hear what you think D:E.K. should stand for.

Names should be clean, nothing like "ear-fucking kittens" or anything like that. Come up with as many names as you want to, and at the end, I'll pick the ones I like the best, and the community will vote for which name they would like to see be adopted as the Official name of the Unofficial TCG.

Of course, there will be a prize in the works for who ever gets the winning name. The contest will end on May 27th at 12:01 a.m. so get your entries in fast!

Now, it wouldn't be any kind of PR if I didn't have anything to add about the game. D:E.K. is now an intense, strategic, and very quick-paced TCG, which is easy enough to pick up in one play though. However, don't let that fool you, no matter how you build your 50 card deck, you'll always have a weakness the other bloggers could exploit. Do you go comment heavy, to block the opponents points? Do you go Blog heavy to score more? Do you choose to be a troll or a gent? And depending on these choices, you could control the front page, or, fade into oblivion.

Your choice.

Take a gander at a sneak peek of the cards.

The Back of the Cards! *subject to change*

Blog Cards!

Comment Card

Aid Card

Also, from now until May 27th, I'll be accepting user submitted entries for Aid cards. As long as they are balanced, I'll include them in the DEK card game! Or, if they require a bit of tweaking. ;)

Download the .PSD

Until next time, Chiiiiiildren!

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