I am a 20 year old student who:

Runs around Philadelphia spray painting Bullet Bill on blank walls.

Makes animations including but not limited to bright-colored affairs involving video game hallucinations.

Dreams of one day making an interactive cellular automata.

Refrains from uttering the stereotypical "back to square one," in favor of the much more robust "back to World 1-1."

Cried not for Optimus Prime but for Cyborg Ninja.

Is obsessed with art, video games, film, gizmos and gadgets, and anything else that makes me forget I'm no longer 12.

Does lots of other things too.

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Seeing as I've been actively on the lookout for amazing game-based art ever since I am 8-Bit came and largely underwhelmed me, much of what I will likely be blogging about in the immediate future will consider the overlap between game culture and the art/DIY scenes.

While what Nerdcraft does would technically count more as, well, craft than art, you have to commend him for spinning the Paper Mario concept into a DIY reality.

What's more, with the greatness that is digital media and the internets, each of his creations is available for download in PDF format. All you have to do is print it out, spend a little time with scissors and adhesive, and you could forever have portions of Worlds 1-1 and 7-3 on display.

Notably though this is only one iteration of what is becoming a growing trend of videogame papercraft. Some other stellar examples:

Snake in a box.
Katamari Damacy's Prince.
Great Link models.

Via Make.

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