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3:48 AM on 07.28.2008

A DLC Debate

With consoles being connected to the internet, DLC is the next big thing. However are we getting ripped off or are we just getting a great service?

While Halo 3 continues to produce fantastic DLC which also becomes free over time, a lot of titles are not going under the same umbrella. I talked to Fourzerotwo yesterday while playing COD4 and he said "no new maps are coming", while he could of just been saying that to surprise us later.. I really don't see any new maps coming.. and that makes me a sad panda. So many great titles are just getting one update.. .and then bam.. that's it. Like Mass Effect, only one download has come after all that fuss about plenty of episodes. They even put a DLC section in the main menu! It seems a little pointless to just come out with one DLC pack when everyone makes a big deal about it at launch.

DLC should be something awesome they think of adding after the ship date. I don't like the fact that Samba De Amigo (coming to the Wii) has "DLC FROM LAUNCH"... which means we are basically paying for content we should of gotten with the game. I feel like I am getting ripped off a lot of the time. There should never be DLC from launch, it's an obvious cashwhore.

Plenty of music games do this and even Beautiful Katamari cashed in by requiring the user to purchase an extra level to get a complete 1000 gamer score on the title. I am a sucker for purchasing online content, so much so that I will need to upgrade to the upcoming 60GB xbox hardrive as my 20gb is running out of space.

Soul Calibur 4 is offering characters as DLC who should of remained exclusive to the consoles they released on. Why am I paying for a character they got boxed? And visa versa. All this is confusing and frustrating. The games cost enough as they are not to mention the content I will end up having to purchase.

So what do you guys think? I am fed up with paying for content that should of been boxed from day one. The fact that I cannot even be FEMALE in metal gear online unless I pay for the DLC.. it's ridiculous. I am all for extra content, but developers and the console companies them selves have got to realise it's turning into a rip off market.   read

7:13 AM on 07.19.2008

Official Tomb Raider Teaser

Okay, Okay. I have a serious Tomb Raider fetish and I apologise that my blog has become the new Tomb Raider exclusive page. However now this trailer is out I can calm down and just wait for more game play trailers (that I'll try not to spam you with) on the count down to Lara's November release.

You gotta admit though, it looks pretty awesome. Yes yes it's all CGI but so was the God of War 3 teaser so stfu.

So yeah that will be my last Tomb Raider update for a while (until tomorrow when a new trailer gets put up), stop partying!! Keep your eyes peeled on the official website and

Note: Been playing God of War: Chains of Olympus on PSP and it's pretty awesome.
Note 2: I tried PS3 FNF last night, you guys turned up an hour later so fuck you :P   read

3:23 PM on 07.15.2008

First ever Tomb Raider Underworld Footage

Up before the E3 footage tomorrow, and up before the debut trailer on spike TV. Gametrailers presents the first public look at Tomb Raider Underworld.

Commence fapping :D

fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

While short and sweet we get an interesting look at how Lara's new look and actions take place in Underworld. While the 'slow motion' scene seemed a little odd I am really happy with the way Lara is now motion captured! Finally. Anyway, enjoy the new Lara and expect a huge post from me with tomorrows full E3 Tomb Raider coverage!

If they have taken it down then a replacement is here.   read

8:47 AM on 07.05.2008

Comp: Win 1 Month free XBL Gold!

Want to win 1 month free of XBL Gold? It's very simple. Make me a new header images. I am growing bored of my current header and require something new, awesome looking and not full of fail and loose!

Anything can be in the header image but it's got to contain the word "atheistium" at least. Make it clean looking and purdy, no crappy and stretched (ie use photoshop and use the right resolutions). Apart from that your free to make as you please. Multiple entries are allowed and I will pick the best 3 that will go into a public vote (unless there is one amazing one I just have to have).

So yeah, get shoooopin' away!   read

6:23 PM on 07.02.2008

A cast of thousands: Feena

I am sure many of you were expecting me to talk about Lara Croft, but sadly I am not a athletic busty brunette who travels the world with my vast fortune, though Lara is some one I can relate to strongly - I am going to talk about Feena from a little RPG known as Grandia.

A rather miraculous thing happened recently, something that really only happens very rarely for gamers today. About ... 2003 or 4 I sold my copy of Grandia (2001, Playstation) on ebay for around £50. I was extremely sad to see it go as I had probably completed the title over 100 times and had gotten all my characters 100% levelled up with all the spells at max - and that's a feat on it's own! I needed the money pretty badly and after a little ebay browsing found that Grandia was the one title that would get me the most money. It sold, I had money and that was the end of it.. or so I thought. 3 weeks ago I was looking around on ebay and suddenly had the urge to see how much a used copy of Grandia would cost, off to ebay I go! After some browsing I came across a nice little £7.99 buy it now listing. Checking out the pictures on the listing I saw something very curious. The casing was dented and cracked in the same places my original copy was when I sold it back in a day. I brought it on the spot thinking it could be my copy and when it arrived in the post the cracks, creases and apart from a few new creases and disc scratches it was obvious that my copy had returned to me! I know crazy huh!

So Feena, what is so special about her? First of all she's in a jRPG and she's not a wimpy female character. I know it's not very rare to have strong female leads but Feena is one of the most colourful, emotional, interesting and influential I've come across in a jRPG. Not only is she already a fully fledged Adventurer (lol) she is also someone respected and adored by the public in game. A legend if you will. She's boyish and daring, yet had this dramatic past you cling too and throughout the game her real emotions come through. From the moment I saw her climb onto the ship for New Parm with her treasure and the crew surround her with a warm welcome I knew she was going to be awesome. Another big thing to point out that when I was playing Grandia I was the same age as Feena who was 15 in the game, the things she was feeling in her life and her struggles to become grown up and womanly I could really understand and its these many different qualities that drew me to Feena.


A lot of the Grandia RPG is a happy story, which is why I love it so much. The game is so colourful and Feena herself is awash of colours. She's adventurous and cheeky and really takes things in her stride and learns from them. Her character and the world work together so well and watching her go from strength to strength brought me a lot of happy moments. I'll also be a bit honest here... I am a little romantic at heart - as much as I like to see sweet head shots, zombies and blood, I also like to see some romantic goodness blossom in game. Only if it's done well of course and in Grandia you see Feena and Justin get closer and closer. It's so adorable and I love that!

If you have never played Grandia before then please check this link out. Enjoy the gallery below of Feena goodness.   read

5:24 PM on 06.21.2008

So like .. the Tomb Raider website...

*wets self*
5 More months...
5 More months...
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5 More months...
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5 More months...
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5 More months...


/end of spam I do apologise   read

6:30 AM on 06.21.2008

Tales of Vesperia Demo on XBL

Fans of the upcoming Tales of Vesperia games will be happy to know that Japanese Silver accounts have access to the ToV demo today! For those without a Japanese account here is a how to.

Initial impressions are good. While the voice acting is obviously not the best in choice it's not that bad. The character expressions make up for it however, and the simple environment looks are beautiful. Fans of Eternal Sonata will like the general style the game is sporting and even though I had to sit for a few minutes to work out the whacked out Battle system (press Start during a battle to see the controls).

It's very adorable though and a nice demo to check out if your looking forward to the game.   read

4:38 PM on 06.20.2008

Playing around with Spore Creature Creator

Ahh! Sorry I haven't been posting a lot lately. Reality sucks! I have a nice little comic in the making for my recent skit with Metal Gear Solid 4 so keep your eyes peeled for that but for now enjoy the creation that is..... MY SPORE CREATURE!! *lightening*

Okay so I've only made one so far but if you keep checking back to my Spore page there will be more. It's really cute though so who gives a crap, I am going to be making my rape monster soon though. Don't think I've gone soft on you yet.

General impressions of the Creature Creator so far are pretty positive. I love the customisation and I can't wait to learn what all the perks really mean in terms of gameplay. I love that is has a cartoon style as I was worried about it being too serious of a game.

Also community wise this game has everything! Direct upload to youtube, gif and avatar creation, easy export of your characters, easy sharing, direct e-cards to send out. Cheesy but awesome, I love it! Though I didn't really jump on the Sims 2 bandwagon, I did play The Sim's additively for a month or so before getting terribly bored. I just hope Spore has that progression where I won't get bored straight away!

[embed]91599:12439[/embed]   read

12:19 PM on 05.23.2008

Alone in the Dark - UK Preview

Today I was lucky enough to attend a preview for Alone in the Dark, the newest survival horror title to hit the market this June. The event was held at the very classy Everyman Cinema in Hampstead and was also a mix of press and competition winners attending the event.

The majority of our time there was being shown the general game play mechanics of the title. First of all I just wanted to say how beautiful the game looks - details on objects are superb and I was really taken away with the over look of the park and buildings in the surrounding area. After some hands on time with Alone, I found movement very sluggish and slow - something you should expect from most survival horror titles. However if you are looking for a title that relives classic survival horror moments I will say you could be in for a major disappointment.

While AitD runs on a rather captivating story to grit our teeth into, and can run up to 15 hours of solid point to point game play, I can only feel that the developers Eden Games have taken the 'Hollywood' idea too far. For example, if you pick up the game and have forgotten key moments of the story you can access a small trailer that outlines the key happenings in the game by replaying clips of cut scenes and gameplay etc. Get ready to snigger when "Previously on Alone in the Dark..." plays onto your screen - I couldn't help but laugh and so did a couple of attendees around me.

It seems the general consensus from the team was 'how can we make this more addictive? what's popular right now?' Shows such as Lost and Heroes must have been a huge influence seeing as when you enter the menu it shows a DVD style screen and options. Don't like a difficult part of the game? Skip it. Yes you heard me right, skip it. Fast-forward through the hard bits. I don't want to try any more! Don't like that boss? Skip! SKIP! SKIIIPPP!!!

The whole game is organised into Episodes and Chapters making replaying certain parts of the game a snap, but also completing the title so much easier. You can pretty much play quarter of the title and still watch the ending. I find this the most ridiculous thing to ever be brought to a game, especially a survival horror title. What next? Auto play!? Okay, I don't know why I am raving about an optional feature of the game but the temptation to use it and miss vital scenes was upset me.

Lets move onto more pressing matters - The combat system. Shooting will always be in first person and will automatically change if you are playing in 3rd person. Why? Apparently because they wanted to use the right cameras for the right situations. I do agree that shooting has always been great in first person but after spending a lot of time enjoying the combat in Mass Effect I was curious as to why they didn't adopt that system as well as having an FPS view. There is also no auto aim as such, your laser will only attempt to lock onto enemies if you get it over them but apart from that your on your own.

Guns are not the only weapon available either - the game is prided over having a pretty rich choice of weaponry from your environment. While you can't pick up an Axe for example and shove it down your trousers, you can pick it up and use it again enemies in your area by either hacking away or throwing it in their direction. I really like the way you handle objects as well. Picking up and using the right analogue stick to swing the object around and over your head.

You can also combine objects to create pretty powerful and effective killing tools. Your gun not doing the job? Pour fuel onto the bullets and now they are enhanced with fire. Pour some whiskey into a bottle and wrap some sticky tape around it and you now you can throw it at enemies, shoot at it and oh noes their head asplode!

Another interesting aspect was the AI in the game. Enemies will seek you out and use the shortest route to get you. We were being attacked and so we ran off through a door, still outside was the enemy and you could see him through the window. Guess what? He can see you too! I know this isn't really revolutionary but most survival horror games work on that "run through the door and hide" system. Sadly the enemy worked out that politely opening the door was not the quickest route to me but jumping through the glass was. I found it weird however that when we jumped out of the glass after him jumping in he got a little confused and walked around in the small room before running out to attack us. I also found it strange that when I ran off an extra character I was with, Sarah, just stood there. The enemy didn't attack her though... I did ask the developer as to why that is and she basically said "if the enemy sees you then you become it's primary target". So a little buggy perhaps?

Also did I mention you could drag dead bodies into the fire? YAYAYAAYAYAYA!

I absolutely love the inventory in this game. It reminded me of Resident Evil 4 and "What ya buying?" with the inventory completely compiled from your jacket. It's all in real time too, so if you really need to make a molotov cocktail cocktail and if your surrounded by a number of enemies you will still be vulnerable to attacks. Honestly, a very refreshing take to the idea of inventories and hopefully more titles will take on this more direct approach in the future.

As I mentioned earlier with the Hollywood feel of Alone, I can say it works in some aspects. For example, you start off in the building and after a long and slightly annoying opening/interactive cut scene. Once you start to run around the building is constantly falling apart and shaking. Even with simple tasks such as rappelling down a wall can feel like an epic journey. Explosions were constantly going off and the fire technology in this game is outstanding. Everything that is flammable will catch on fire and you can slowly watch a whole room light up with fire. Seriously, it was amazing. My jaw was getting closer and clover to the floor as we were scaling across a building and bricks and wood and everything was falling off around me, exploding and rumbling.

We also got to see a rather impressive driving section of the game where you have to speed through the city as it collapses around you. The ground was shifting and buildings were falling and blocking your path. Really reminded me of playing Halo 3 on co-op at the end, screaming at that final jump! It looked fantastic and I really cannot wait to see more of the action in this game.

Oh man, I could go on for hours but all I can say is apart from some small disappointment's I cannot wait for this title to come out. I am upset to hear that horror isn't a main focus point throughout the game however the action will make up for it. DLC? Co-op? Who knows, we did ask but they cannot comment. I am upset to tell you that once you've completed the game that's pretty much it. No multi endings or unlocks.

I really enjoyed the event. It was great to see some regular faces and keep your eyes peeled on xbox insider as I was interviewed haha. I got to see Phil Harrison (shiny head) and enjoy the below video for some Nour Polloni action, who also presented the game to us.

[embed]87259:11522[/embed]   read

2:59 AM on 05.18.2008

Being chatted up on XBL - Lesbian Style

The story is always the same. I play a match with some men, they find out that I am female (by some obviously hard matlocking or just looking at my profile) and feel the need to go two ways. Either insult me furiously. Demanding I give the headset back to my boyfriend who is obviously playing and not me OR by telling me how good I am for a girl. Am I hot? Am I fat? That I'd really love to sit on their **** and come to America/Their Country because they would really know how to show me a good time. chuckle

Usually the insult from American's is the same - "British Bitch/Whore/Slag/Slut". I don't know why but they all come out with the same thing. British people usually just call me fat over and over in an attempt to make me worse at the game or something? I don't know. The insults are usually constant or the friend adds and private messages are just pure comedy. I don't know what it is with a good 70% of the male users on XBL but they need to go out and see the female form for more than just a reproduction partner. Yes I know we cook and clean sometimes, we do other things. Please discover that! Oh and while your at it, work out where the clitoris is. We are fed up with telling you!

Basically I am used to being chatted up on XBL by a whole host of creepy but sometimes charming gamers. Here comes the "Lesbian" style. I have been hit on by Lesbians on XBL ... a lot recently. I don't know if the 'coming out parade' finally got xbox pod units at their barracks but it has seriously been very creepy. While the example I am using today claims to have a boyfriend... I seriously doubt she just likes that. According to her profile - she loves Halo and has a boyfriend she loves but if your a girl she likes to swap pictures with her xbl vision camera. Interesting? She added me and sent me this message.

At first I was like "Oh cool another girl." and I check out her profile in hopes of finding something we could play together. In the back of my mind I was kind of confused by why she wanted a picture of me.. and a wink in the message! z0mfg!

So I checked her profile and she had 0 gamerscore and no games played. She literally set up her xbox got online and started messaging me!? Maybe she was at her boyfriends house and finally made herself an account? I don't know. For someone who "rocks" at Halo 3 you thought she would of had some achievements for it or played it on her account at least? Well who knows? She probably plays it on her boyfriends account.

I reply asking as to why she has not played any games on her account and where she found my gamer tag from. Also what other games does she play?

Well there we go. A source and her main game/only game? I asked her if she had any other games as I have lent my copy of Halo 3 out (seeing as I never play it) and I usually play COD4 or Gears etc.

Why does she want a picture of me so bad!!? I am really scared of this lady. I was tempted to dress up with my hair in a hat and make myself super butch. Holding a sign saying "I am scared of lady lickers" but I thought writing a post about it would of been funnier :P

I told her I don't know her at all so why would I send pictures. Then proceeded to tell her there is no point in adding me if she has no games I play. I came on this morning to take these photo's and she's played games on her account! Fuck yeah! Add her away boys, she's your dream ;-) .. man... I need to complete Devil May Cry 4 :s

Edit: I know the page looks messy because the pictures are all sized like the front page ones. I have no choice in that, Niero's uploader auto sizes them down if they are over the tiny 468(?) size. I am very sad panda indeed - my previous clean blog is now horrible and messy :(   read

2:57 PM on 05.06.2008

Mirror's Edge - My thoughts

If anyone has been looking for something different FPS wise then Mirror's Edge is probably going to be one that excites you. It seems the art of 'parkour' is not something just for Altier in Assassins Creed but also heading to this new genre of FPS Action.

This is defiantly a title I will keep my eyes on, along with Faith and a .45 and Velvet Assassin. I'm really excited about what the game has to offer. I really enjoyed free running in Assassins Creed and can't wait to do it in a funky FPS style. That trailer was completely in game footage, it smooth and beautiful, the trailer didn't really give much away so I'll leave you with a breakdown of the plot so far (via Wikipedia).

Here's a little clip about the story;
The story revolves around a runner named Faith and her struggle to free her sister from a corrupt government. She is a young woman appearing to be of Japanese descent. Her parents were killed and she was forced to grow up on the street, later becoming a runner. Faith was taught not to rely on modern forms of communication, partially because the ruthless police state prefers eavesdropping every chance they get. As Faith attempts to rescue her sister, while running messages for the criminal underworld, she gets caught up in a series of events which lead to her being pursued by the totalitarian government. Acting as Faith's guide is a mysterious character named Mercury, who will help Faith in her attempt to outwit and overcome the many government agents that are out to eliminate her.

And the outline from DICE;
In a city where information is heavily monitored, agile couriers called runners carry sensitive information on foot via the rooftops and skyways. Usually the police leave them alone - they have bigger fish to fry - but now something has changed...

Play as Faith, the best and most agile of all runners, in an adrenaline-fuelled race to save her sisterís life as she unveils a bigger plot involving the whole city and the runners. Mirrorís Edge is an action-adventure game that revolutionizes the genre by introducing a full body experience with dynamic 1st person movement and combat, in an immersive modern-day universe and with a socially charged storyline.


Yes, I know it's been front paged but I wanted to add my thoughts.   read

1:54 AM on 04.29.2008

Count on the BBC to keep things fair

I turn on my TV this morning to check out the news. BBC News was the first thing I switched too and there were four people sat on a sofa talking about GTA4. Oh god! Before I had time to start panicking it was a very fair debate.

There was a young male (probably between his 20-30's) who got some good, non interrupted air time to say his piece - which was basically how he's been playing violent games for years and plays rugby, which is considered a violent sport too. He feels unaffected. The other guy sat next to him only felt worried about kids getting hold of the game and that people might see the violence and copy it - but he wasn't an arrogant prick about it Then text messages were read out and they all pointed to "don't blame the game. blame the parents".

And by some freaking miracle the female caster said "I find it very hard to talk about something I haven't played. I'd rather play it and talk about it first" then they all laughed and the casters bantered about how difficult the controller was.

So yeah! Not all news channels are ran by idiots! Genuine concerns were made and they discussed it and it ended on a positive note /hi5 for BBC.   read

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