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I excitedly got up early today and ran down to my xbox to download the new update! It downloaded really quick as well, so I went to make myself a cup of tea while it installed and then play around with the new features... oh sorry I meant SOME of the new features.

Remember that video showing us all that stuff on the spotlight and new arrivals. Well take away most of the tabs and you have the European version! Free Stuff? The one thing I really wanted to see was completely missing. Japan didn't get it either but still it's a bloody basic feature and why it's missing I have no idea. A bunch of TV tabs, Movie tabs and such were missing as well. Obviously because we don't have the content, and it's just getting old now. I'm really upset with the lack of content European Xbox gamers are receiving.

I've been switching between my British, American and Japanese accounts all morning trying to find why we and the Japanese are missing so much content! I can't explain it. At least with the Japanese marketplace you can download the Blue Dragon Anime for free (if your IN Japan)... we get nothing. What frustrates me more is that technically we do have it (seeing that my American & Japanese accounts pick it up) it's just not being implemented *yet*.

The 'Inside xbox' gave me a boring introduction from our community manager "AceyBongos", not even a video. A crappy vector art of the CM and a small blurb of what's going on. The Japanese inside gave me a nice demo of the buffering system and a small video of their community manager (im guessing).

So what does the American 'Inside Xbox' provide? A fuck ton of information and xbox buffering! Xbox originals! A new demo! Not only do you have more than 1 bloody page, Major Nelson actually shows us the damn updates we just downloaded! That would of been nice you know.. to have that shown to us.. in Europe. Remember EUROPE!?

Update: Movie's will be coming December 11th apparently. About fucking time.

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