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ashrawr avatar 6:29 PM on 04.29.2014  (server time)
Please bare with me...

Hi my names Ashley (Ash for short) im a gamer, artist, and painter. I live in Albany NY, but soon moving to Nj to finally live with my fiance and our son. I have a cat named Link and he is looking for his Zelda haha. I love videogames, drawing, reading comics, science and tattoos. Im a sucker for anything Batman related.

I love everything that has to do with video games, ther are pretty much my life haha. In September i am starting school for graphic design and i couldnt be more excited :) Im 21 years old and have been gaming since i was 8 or 9. I got my first gameboy it was a Gameboy Color teal, and my love for video games started. My first game was Pokemon blue and Sabrina the animated series Zapped. I one day hope to help design a game or even design one myself.

Right now i play my 3ds and PS3 I basically love alost every game i ever played haha. I love puzzle games and Batman. To be honest i think i like Batman a little too much but hey too much of a good thing is amazing. Naming my favorite games will be nearly impossible. I would be a millionair if i got paid for playing videogames, but sadly i do not. (Even though i wish i did) . Well thats enough for now. Thanks for reading :3 and i promise more game related postes to come. Im basically going to write about games i play amd the likes and dilikes i have about them. Bye for now.

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