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1:23 PM on 05.04.2014

In Need of some Opinions..

So I'm in the beginning stages of drawing a comic book and could use some opinions and what not, so my is based around a boy who is obsessed with playing his DS, and one day he's thinking what his life would be like if he was a video game character, so one day while he sleeps he gets sucked into his d.s and plays through levels of various games. 

I'm not really sure if this is going to be the exact overall concept, but like I said it's a work in progress ad in very early stages. If anyone could help me with the concept it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. :)   read

6:34 PM on 05.03.2014

Lets start with Animal Crossing: New Leaf,

Okay let me start off by saying the Animal Crossing games are one of my favorite games ever. Its not a fighting game, there are no enemies (exeptbmaybe some mean or annoying villagers). You have the option to be mayor or a regular resident. Being mayor you can build stuff and have contol over a lot more  things then a regular resident can. Me personally i like being the mayor and im happy that this game gives you the option.

There are some new things in this game like the island that you can go to for a vacation, you are able to upgrade your main street with new shops. The new additions to the game are so fun. In my opinion i like the dream suite, and the island. They honestly just add to the game experience. Also Reese the Alpaca and her husband Cyrus, you can sell turnips to Reese along with any items you have, you are able to put items of yours up on the re-tail spot for other residents to buy. When you finally wake Cyrus up, he offers the service to change certain colors or fabrics of items for you. There is honestly a bunch of new features and characters that i could go on and on about them..... but i wont.

I personally really love Gulliver the seagull. He is a fun character to find washed up on your beach. He is always falling overboard of his ship on his way to somewhere, when you wake him up after a few tries of talking to him, he stands and gives you a silly story then asks for your help to remember where he was headed, the next day he gives you a souvenir based on where he was headed. I just love him so much.

Overall i just really like this game there is so much to do it never gets old. Make your house the way you want, dress how you like even change your hair and eyes. I will forever play and love this game. Nothing bad to say :)

i could use some friends on my ds if you want to be friends my Friend Code is: 3883-6017-8768
Add me i love new friends :)   read

6:29 PM on 04.29.2014

Please bare with me...

Hi my names Ashley (Ash for short) im a gamer, artist, and painter. I live in Albany NY, but soon moving to Nj to finally live with my fiance and our son. I have a cat named Link and he is looking for his Zelda haha. I love videogames, drawing, reading comics, science and tattoos. Im a sucker for anything Batman related.

I love everything that has to do with video games, ther are pretty much my life haha. In September i am starting school for graphic design and i couldnt be more excited :) Im 21 years old and have been gaming since i was 8 or 9. I got my first gameboy it was a Gameboy Color teal, and my love for video games started. My first game was Pokemon blue and Sabrina the animated series Zapped. I one day hope to help design a game or even design one myself.

Right now i play my 3ds and PS3 I basically love alost every game i ever played haha. I love puzzle games and Batman. To be honest i think i like Batman a little too much but hey too much of a good thing is amazing. Naming my favorite games will be nearly impossible. I would be a millionair if i got paid for playing videogames, but sadly i do not. (Even though i wish i did) . Well thats enough for now. Thanks for reading :3 and i promise more game related postes to come. Im basically going to write about games i play amd the likes and dilikes i have about them. Bye for now.   read

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