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For years I had been buying games for the PSP, but hadn't yet gotten one. Without a tv to play any console games, I had been relying on my NDS to entertain myself at work. Having searched on craigslist for about two weeks, I finally found a decent deal on a PSP. Purple? Not my first choice in colors, but I could live with it. So I called and arranged for a meeting at a local Target after I got off work to pick it up. It being winter, the sun went down a lot sooner than I expected, as I waited patiently outside.

Hearing all the horror stories of abductions and robberies on craigslist from my friends, I came prepared with a box cutter in one pocket and the money in the other. 30 minutes passed as I froze my ass off outside, staring suspiciously at everyone passing by. Then a young girl comes up to me (not what I was expecting from the voice on the phone) asking if I were Ashke. Yes, I replied, feeling stupid for having brought a box cutter to meet a little girl. Out came the PSP, several shades lighter than I expected. Now, in my defense, it was really dark and cold outside, so I did not think too much about what I was doing, wanting to finish this transaction as quickly as possible. The device booted up and money exchanged hands. Yes! PSP at last!

I quickly drove to my friends house, because I wanted to make sure the charger worked and that the memory stick I had bought earlier fit. Looking at my new toy in regular light revealed something I had missed... sparkles and lavender. I had inadvertently purchased a Hannah Montana special edition PSP from a little girl. FML

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