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9:36 AM on 12.30.2012

Confessions of a Homeless Gamer - Craigslist: purple psp $80

For years I had been buying games for the PSP, but hadn't yet gotten one. Without a tv to play any console games, I had been relying on my NDS to entertain myself at work. Having searched on craigslist for about two weeks, I finally found a decent deal on a PSP. Purple? Not my first choice in colors, but I could live with it. So I called and arranged for a meeting at a local Target after I got off work to pick it up. It being winter, the sun went down a lot sooner than I expected, as I waited patiently outside.

Hearing all the horror stories of abductions and robberies on craigslist from my friends, I came prepared with a box cutter in one pocket and the money in the other. 30 minutes passed as I froze my ass off outside, staring suspiciously at everyone passing by. Then a young girl comes up to me (not what I was expecting from the voice on the phone) asking if I were Ashke. Yes, I replied, feeling stupid for having brought a box cutter to meet a little girl. Out came the PSP, several shades lighter than I expected. Now, in my defense, it was really dark and cold outside, so I did not think too much about what I was doing, wanting to finish this transaction as quickly as possible. The device booted up and money exchanged hands. Yes! PSP at last!

I quickly drove to my friends house, because I wanted to make sure the charger worked and that the memory stick I had bought earlier fit. Looking at my new toy in regular light revealed something I had missed... sparkles and lavender. I had inadvertently purchased a Hannah Montana special edition PSP from a little girl. FML   read

8:01 AM on 12.29.2012

Confessions of a Homeless Gamer - How It Began

Let me preface this by first saying that this is a work of fiction based on a true story. Any and all events recorded here are for posterity's sake and should not be taken at face value. Thank you.

The year was 20XX, and I had just graduated from college. A friend of mine was restarting a hobby shop and asked if I wanted to help. Having nothing else better to do, I agreed and started working for free as the business grew. The hours were long, and as I spend more and more time at work, it just made sense to just stay there overnight instead of going home. With no income, rent got harder to pay each month, so eventually, I packed my things and moved them all into the shop, beginning my three year stint as a homeless gamer.

I have shared this story with a few friends and they encouraged me to write it down, so here it all goes. Most of what will be here are anecdotes of that three year period of my life as well as observations about the games I played and beat during that time. I am trying to write all this down while it is still fresh in my mind, but on occasion, I might mix up the timeline with some events from the present too.

It'll be a long journey, so I hope you enjoy the ride.   read

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