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One of the majour complaints of the original Mass Effect (aside from the pop-in and other graphical glitches) was the ability to engage in a relationship with Liara as a female Shepard, but not being able to have a relationship with a male character when male Shepard.

Recently uploaded on Youtube by user “lasangreal” were two videos containing hidden files found in the PC version of Mass Effect (and he even uploaded links to save games that I couldn't verify due to my having the 360 version).

The more controversial video is of male Shepard flirting with Kaiden before they start having sex. Most of the video is fully voiced, with only Kaiden still being able to speak after the sex has ended. True, Shepard becomes a woman during part of the cutscene and Kaiden refers to him as a woman after everything is finished, but the preceding dialogue clearly shows that work on the content had begun, even though it wasn't finished.

Another video uploaded by the same user was of female Shepard and Ashley doing the dirty (and being a lot more forward about it) and the whole thing is voiced.

This just has me wondering if whether or not Mass Effect 2 will carry the same controversy the original had or whether you can have a gay Shepard. Also, if the work for Ashley had already been completed, then why was it left out of the final release if not fear of backlash from the media (which wouldn't be surprising, considering the fits thrown in the media regarding the sex with “mono-gendered” Liara)?

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