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armless-phelan's blog

3:56 PM on 01.25.2010

Omnisexuality in Mass Effect?

One of the majour complaints of the original Mass Effect (aside from the pop-in and other graphical glitches) was the ability to engage in a relationship with Liara as a female Shepard, but not being able to have a relationsh...   read

5:14 PM on 01.05.2010

Playing Single in a Multi-Player World

Gaming is a social past time now, usurping the roles once occupied by things such as hanging out at the mall or going to the movies. When I grew up, my favourite hobby was just on its way toward general acceptance (I was ten ...   read

10:36 PM on 12.11.2009

Memoirs of a Sonic Fan

Being poor sucks. Being a poor gamer makes it hard to partake in all the discussions surrounding the newest games. As a result, I've been re-evaluating my backlog and passed over the proverbial Demon Souls and Madworlds in fa...   read

1:21 AM on 12.03.2009

The Forgotten: Spiritual Warfare

I'm agnostic. This isn't my attempt to drag Destructoid into religious arguments or anything, I just felt that I should preface this with the fact that I personally have no attachment to any particular religious beliefs. Then...   read

3:47 PM on 11.22.2009

The Batsh*t Insane

Most videogames require the player to overcome a trial, to defeat an overarching enemy. In order to make the enemy seem as inhuman as possible to drive the player's need to hand a smackdown to the big bad, the opponent is oft...   read

9:51 PM on 11.11.2009

The Forgotten: 3DO

When people (fanboys) discuss things such as the price of a console, the standard comparison for being over-priced is the 3DO. Launched during the holiday season in 1993, the console sold for $699. This makes the the complain...   read

11:39 AM on 11.04.2009

Unhappy Endings and Why They Matter

The first thing to note is that this post will be filled with spoilers. Considering what the subject matter is, though, that shouldn't be surprising. Not just in videogames, most forms of media follow the typical beginning, ...   read

1:04 AM on 11.03.2009

Intro post

This is technically my second blog post, but I'm going to go ahead and do the whole intro thing. When asked what type of gamer you identify as, I usually answer RPG. For the longest time, it was in relation to JRPGs, but aft...   read

1:01 PM on 10.24.2009

The Unimportance of Moral Choices in Video Games

I suppose I could use my first post to introduce myself, state my interests, etc., but I'm going to be one of the pretentious a-holes that skips that step and jumps right into an overly serious and unnecessarily complicated b...   read

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