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My name is arbsnotdead, arbee for short. I'm a second class citizen who loves american and japanese video games, movies, and their porn. What kind of second class citizen ma , you might ask? I am Filipino, and I am proud of being one. I am not racist, nor am I a Patriot, I just love my race for being as we are culturally diverse as the japanese. I am a gamer. I do not settle for that fanboy crap. I used to be a PS3 fanboy, but that part of me has passed on and faded away.So just read on my blog. I post long and short blogs, so please bear with me. :)
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*some spoilers ahead, and some dumb grammar mistakes. It's my first post! Give me a break!*

What do people think of video game characters? What do people want in their video game heroes and villains? Their characteristics, their traits, their actions, their motivations? Does a main character have to be as bad ass as Kratos? Or as cool as master chief? Or as hot as Lara Croft? Perhaps the gaming majority would really look for those traits and characteristics for their video game characters. Most gamers would want a video game hero or heroin to be bad ass, hot, and dark right?

Putting those questions aside, I would like to share a personal love I have for video game characters I grew up playing with. I have been gaming and playing since i was 4 years old. From the Super Nintendo Entertainment system, to the PSone. From the original Xbox, to the PS2 (I owned a ps2 at 2007.). Then presently, a PS3 and an Xbox 360. Of all the games i have played; of all the systems i owned, I have never met that "perfect" video game character. Where could that one perfect dude be? Who can develop such an awesome and diverse video game character that would just leave the gamer love it?

Video Game Developers and Directors should make a character so diverse and so engaging, that the gamers playing are as if they knew that video game character his or her's entire life. That character should be so unique that a gamer would end up crying if he or she dies in the game's story. The character has to be engaging enough to the gamer emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. I am looking for that video game character. I may have a few favorites but I do not call them perfect.

Some persons say that Master Chief is the God of Video Game Characters; that he represents all that is gaming. That's just a big WTF form me if someone would say that in front of my face. What about Mario? Sonic? Tetris? If he is the one who represents all of gaming? How? Just because he blew up a huge space station doesn't mean he's that perfect video game character. He may have a cool battle armor and a deep sexy voice, but Master Chief, you are not the perfect guy I am looking for, and you certainly are not the mascot for all of gaming, Nintendo had that covered two decades ago. Master chief I respect you for what you did to the covenant and all of the human race, but dude, your just not the guy I'm looking for

Personally, I love the metal gear solid series. Solid Snake is one of those fuckers you don't want to fuck with. He can cripple someone in less than 5 seconds, shoot a sniper with a 9mm pistol, and break a huge ass tank robot using a stinger missile system. But even though the story of the MGS games do engage gamers to the characters, I still don't think Snake is that one perfect character that I would make an altar for. There's still something missing that doesn't want me to say that Solid Snake is the "perfect" video game character.

If there's one video game character that is close to perfect, it would be that bad ass mofo from Mass Effect, Commander Sheperd. Why you might ask? Because you can make him perfect, or almost perfect. Either way, he is close to being the perfect Video Game Character. I am pretty sure most of you played the Mass Effect games, and don't you guys agree? You get to make Sheperd emotionally involved to you and the other characters that you just don't want him and his crew to die during the suicide mission? I would burst out crying if he did. And I'm a dude to begin with!

After that paragraph, i just realized. I guess it is our job as gamers to develop that perfect video game character. While we play our games and progress through the story, we make our characters stronger. These characters we are playing with are making us think that we are making a perfect killing machine. We develop our character's strengths to overcome their weaknesses, thus, making them one step closer of being that perfect video game character. So, i guess there isn't any perfect video game character at all because generally, we get to make those characters perfect in our own way. It has always been the gamer's choice on how they make their character's perfect.

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