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arbsnotdead avatar 3:18 AM on 09.09.2010  (server time)
i fail at blogging, but i love destructoid so much to not post anything since...

So I decided to write again just for the fuck of it. And I decided to write random stuff about gaming and llamas. Hopefully I can keep this up in a daily or weekly basis.


I've been playing a lot of borderlands lately. Been strengthening up a Siren and I'm already up to level 43, and I cannot wait to reach level 69. I already beaten the house of dr. ned, and the secret armory of general knoxx, but I haven't finished some of the missions YET, especially Braaaaaaaaaaaains, which I was too lazy to complete, and a couple of missions from the T-Bone junction bounty board. The game's humor is the most interesting aspect in that game. Especially this part:


I'll probably get moxxi's underdome after I get the upcoming claptrap's robot revolution DLC which I am sooooo psyched about.

After completing all the bounty board quests for T Bone Junction, I'm planning to play Mass Effect 2 again to finish up my renegade vanguard to prepare for Mass Effect 3 and make my Sheperd look like this.

with scars! :D


(i know my blog picture is ugly, and yes, I am so insecure about it, I just dont know how to make it more pretty.....and im too lazy to 'shop right now.)

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