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arbsnotdead's blog

3:43 PM on 04.18.2011

Photo: Portal 2 Trophies (on my FB page)

Since PSN doesn't post trophies of unreleased games yet, I'll just leave this here. Add me up on PSN too! PSN:arbsnotdead   read

4:38 PM on 04.17.2011

So I just finished Portal 2 earlier this morning....

I got Portal 2 yesterday afternoon, played the single player, and finished it earlier this morning. This game is one of the best games I have played so far this year. I was expecting it to be like its predecessor, but it exc...   read

3:18 AM on 09.09.2010

i fail at blogging, but i love destructoid so much to not post anything since...

So I decided to write again just for the fuck of it. And I decided to write random stuff about gaming and llamas. Hopefully I can keep this up in a daily or weekly basis. SO ANYWAY. I've been playing a lot of borderlands l...   read

8:55 PM on 03.13.2010

An Introductory Post. Since my First Post wasn't an intro

Hi. I'm arbee. arbsnotdead for short. I live in sunny southern California, and I love video games. Why do I love video games? Because i have a deep understanding and connection to video games. They speak right through me, and...   read

4:20 PM on 03.13.2010

That "Perfect" Video Game Character.

*some spoilers ahead, and some dumb grammar mistakes. It's my first post! Give me a break!* What do people think of video game characters? What do people want in their video game heroes and villains? Their characteristics, t...   read

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