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11:24 PM on 08.18.2011

Sony finally admits Party chat (Cross Game Voice Chat) isn't possible on PS3!

After YEARS of staying quiet on the subject and leading us all to falsely believe that Cross Game Voice Chat was coming in a future update (by "leaking" fake promises of it for PS Plus members on the UK Playstation website) a Sony exec has finally admitted (probably by accident) that there isn't enough system ram on the PS3 for Cross Game Voice Chat.

This is the theory I have been stating for years now on these forums and other gaming sites. Many of you called me crazy for stating that Sony was lying to us in an effort to make hardcore gamers think that the PS3 would have party chat in a future firmware update.

I already decided a few months back that the PS3 is on its last legs and have decided that I will only buy PS3 exclusive titles from this time forward for the PS3 and will buy all multiplatform titles on the 360.

Question is has this made any of you lose your faith in Sony as a company? For me this was the last straw, as it's a very blantant disrespect for the consumer and is an extremely dishonest way of doing business (purposely "leaking" false claims of party chat for PS plus subscribers) for the sole purpose of misleading us all to believe that we would at some point get it in a firmware update.   read

11:18 AM on 12.10.2010

Confessions of a (former) Sony defender!

After years of defending Sonys poor decisions in the gaming market and hoping they would regain their focus I acquiesce. Sony appears to be adamant on continuing on the same path that has in recent years only hurt them. I'll list below just a few of the reasons why I have lost faith in Sony and now look to the Xbox 360 for my gaming console entertainment.

1. Lack of online community features such as Cross Game Voice Chat, unified party system, and a highly functional website that ties in with the PSN (in game messaging, community features etc).

2. Poor performance of 3rd party games on the PS3 in comparison to the Xbox 360. Multiplatoform titles consistently perform poorly on the PS3 compared to the same games performance on the rival system.

3. Poor hardware design choices beginning with Blu ray but also including bluetooth, lack of a built in scaler, and low amount of system ram just to name a few.

Lets face it recent years for Sonys video game division have been pretty bleak. It started with the major design flaws and quirks of the original PSP then continued with the PS3 followed by the abysmal failure that is the PSP Go.

Sony relied on Blu Ray being this great thing that everyone would want and that has turned out not to be the case. Blu Ray is not a selling point for most gamers as more often than not multiplatform titles look and play better on the 360 (which doesn't have Blu Ray). About the only advantage Blu Ray offers over the 360 is higher audio quality on the PS3 (7.1 vs 5.1).

The latest NPD data shows that the PS3 is clearly in last place in the US and is actually selling worse now than it was at this time last year. Is it time for Sony to abandon the PS3 and release the PS4? Would you like to see Sony pull a Sega and just become a publisher?   read

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