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my name is Dan Brown.
Im 22 years old but still look younger than I actually am.
I am an artist/writer, freelance of course
a weird thing is im allergic to Cherries which is kind of bull.
Im related to Winston Churchill and a king of england/france
I listen to a lot of music, probably too much but hey what are you gonna do right?
Im tolerable when i've had a ton of coffee
I love me some whiskey and dark beers/stout, hate IPAs
my love of Kirby actually started my love of drawing.
my top games
1. Final Fantasy III/VI
2. Megaman X/X2/X3
3. Illusion of Gaia/Terranigma
4. Super Mario RPG
5. Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
6. Hook
7. Kirby series

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When I first was told of Destructoid it was back in 2009 from a good friend at the time. The old community I was apart of, I didn't feel apart of anymore and we needed to part ways. So I started reading some of front page articles liking what I was seeing and enjoyed the eccentric comments. I was scared shitless to comment on a post and not sound like a teenage baboon, so I lurked for many years posting every so ofter. Finally I decided to turn my cap around like Over the Top and dive in. Writing a tiny introduction blog and getting more comments then I expected. Again I was terrified to write anything because I didn't know what to say or how anyone would react. I was given a warm welcome and the coveted Destructoid decoder ring with an “gem encrusted crust of bread” from Occams. I will forever be thankful for Knutaf helping me out with my xbox live “troubles” which greatly hindered my in joining in FNF when I wanted to. That didn't stop me from trying to keep going, I wrote a 10 things about you blog that the wonderful bbain reignited and saw a flourish of people joining in. It was magical! Giving me a second chance sort to speak of indroducing myself in a better manner and feeling more comfortable with myself and my writing.

I will admit I haven't been the most active of members but it has been a wonderful stay none the less. I've gotten to know a few of you through the site and through twitter (mostly). Help a new member out and show them we are a swell group of.... “people”. We were all at some point fresh fawn in the spring time Unbeknownst to us there is a grand forest of bears that give out high-fives and shit. So let us go into that gently night karate chopping nazi scum and salute the wonderful thing we have going here. Loyalty, love, minor disdain, or even a mutual condescension because its all we got in this family so take it or leave it.

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