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apolii90's blog

11:21 PM on 08.30.2012

community and me. (short blog)

When I first was told of Destructoid it was back in 2009 from a good friend at the time. The old community I was apart of, I didn't feel apart of anymore and we needed to part ways. So I started reading some of front page a...   read

12:39 PM on 04.19.2012

Fezzes are cool.

Fez is a wonderful game, for me it was a game that made me feel all fuzzy inside. A feeling I haven't felt in a long time playing a platformer since finding the Pumpkin world in Super Mario World. I had pretty high ex...   read

3:36 PM on 04.02.2012

10 things you didn't know about apolii90

I decided to partake in the nostalgic idea that I'd give you 10 unknown facts about me, I wasn't around at the time to do so. Its a dandy way to share information and get to know all of you wonderful people, here we go! 1....   read

9:33 PM on 04.01.2012

Take that Live! and other brain spilling.

Some of you may have noticed on Twitter a while back that I got my Xbox Live account back. With the help of the pimp wizard Knutaf, lending a helping hand and laid down some buttery smooth jive on some honkies. I'm guessing...   read

1:30 PM on 03.19.2012

My Battle With Live and Getting My Account Back.

This is a tumultuous tale of my patience being tested and utterly strained. A while back if you recall there were reports of live accounts being hacked from the FIFA games, I was one of the unlucky ones that got hit; I Playe...   read

8:21 PM on 03.06.2012

My Top 5 Game Sountracks.

There are certain songs that when I hear it, I have an emotional response. Honestly I'd take that over someone trying to convey an emotion through story or conversation. Just shut your character up for a bit and let the com...   read

7:28 PM on 01.25.2012

Life so far.

I'm terribly sorry I haven't been posting anything as of late, for the past month I've been sick with mono and other various colds and flus. Basically incapacitating me and making me feel terrible I never update this thing. ...   read

9:09 PM on 12.11.2011

My introduction blog

Hello all, this is a momentous occasion as this is my first blog here on Destructoid. By day I work as a social worker for my brother that has hyperlexia which is on the spectrum of autism. I am a student currently, my major being art. I have a feeling I'll be posting some artwork of mine be it video game related or not ha h, a also I love the musics and the things that they call books.   read

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