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11:21 PM on 08.30.2012

community and me. (short blog)

When I first was told of Destructoid it was back in 2009 from a good friend at the time. The old community I was apart of, I didn't feel apart of anymore and we needed to part ways. So I started reading some of front page articles liking what I was seeing and enjoyed the eccentric comments. I was scared shitless to comment on a post and not sound like a teenage baboon, so I lurked for many years posting every so ofter. Finally I decided to turn my cap around like Over the Top and dive in. Writing a tiny introduction blog and getting more comments then I expected. Again I was terrified to write anything because I didn't know what to say or how anyone would react. I was given a warm welcome and the coveted Destructoid decoder ring with an “gem encrusted crust of bread” from Occams. I will forever be thankful for Knutaf helping me out with my xbox live “troubles” which greatly hindered my in joining in FNF when I wanted to. That didn't stop me from trying to keep going, I wrote a 10 things about you blog that the wonderful bbain reignited and saw a flourish of people joining in. It was magical! Giving me a second chance sort to speak of indroducing myself in a better manner and feeling more comfortable with myself and my writing.

I will admit I haven't been the most active of members but it has been a wonderful stay none the less. I've gotten to know a few of you through the site and through twitter (mostly). Help a new member out and show them we are a swell group of.... “people”. We were all at some point fresh fawn in the spring time Unbeknownst to us there is a grand forest of bears that give out high-fives and shit. So let us go into that gently night karate chopping nazi scum and salute the wonderful thing we have going here. Loyalty, love, minor disdain, or even a mutual condescension because its all we got in this family so take it or leave it.   read

12:39 PM on 04.19.2012

Fezzes are cool.

Fez is a wonderful game, for me it was a game that made me feel all fuzzy inside. A feeling I haven't felt in a long time playing a platformer since finding the Pumpkin world in Super Mario World. I had pretty high expectations for the very little information I have collected about said game, yet it soared beyond anything I could have hoped for.

Fez stars a lovable little white blob...thing called Gomez, who is given an all powerful fezThe main mechanic of the game that you can turn the 2-d world with the power of a magical fez. This is awkward at first trying to move around but it becomes natural to you after about 15 mins. The puzzles in this game are clever, some that even bleed into real life. But like I said some puzzles will frustrate you and will stump you to no end. I had the pleasure of playing with Knutaf (kind of) and I'd recommend that so you can bounce ideas off each other. It will be helpful to you as it was for me, to have a pen and paper with you for some puzzles as there is a language and symbols that need deciphered. Music is top notch in this game, wonderfully sounding chip tunes that doesn't get too much. I'd even suggest having some head-phones to plunge your self into the world's atmosphere. There are some throwbacks that made me smile but might be something younger kids will wonder "what the hell". Multitude of references are slyly hidden in the game even if non-game related. The map is a minor issue with me, as you progress the game the map grows bigger and becomes slightly convoluted. I will say it doesn't take long to beat the game, but don't worry once you beat it you will gain new game+ with a new mechanic to solve the rest of the rooms.

this is a wonderful game, and after completing everything in the game I'm sort of sad its over. Really there is no more words for me to express how great this game is. Also before I forget I don't think it is a necessary thing to do with that code Knutaf, its just an decoration.. GO BUY THIS GAME, Besides fezzes are cool right?

Thanks Doctor.   read

3:36 PM on 04.02.2012

10 things you didn't know about apolii90

I decided to partake in the nostalgic idea that I'd give you 10 unknown facts about me, I wasn't around at the time to do so. Its a dandy way to share information and get to know all of you wonderful people, here we go!

1. I play guitar and wanted to be in a band
- Yes I've played the guitar for about six years now, but it doesn't mean I'm any good. Self taught in the ways of the six-string, and still choppy and awkward! It looks exactly like the guitar from Back to the Future but instead of a black pick guard its white. Back in high school my friends and I really wanted to start a hardcore/metal band, as I recall it was called "Lawngnome Cult". Honestly I don't know where the name came from, but I was going to be the one that hates his throat and scream. I actually got good at it (if thats an accomplishment?) but nothing ever came of it and now I have this scratchy singing voice

2. I do impersonations
- Over the many years of my life, I have worked my voice muscles and started doing impersonations. I'd be watching a movie or show and try to match the voice on screen. the list includes all the Dethklock members, Batman, the Joker, Cathrine Hepburn, Kermit the Frog, and some Avenue Q characters. Honestly its a great icebreaker to go up to people I'm just getting to know and they love the Little Nicky voice.

3. I've tasted time and space
- I dont recommend it, sugary, a chemical burn, and leaves you with Burger King munchies. So how it all came about was, a friend and I in high school thought it would be a great idea that lets get a bunch of energy drinks and mix them together! NO, its not a good idea. so we walked to a gas station right by his house and proceeded to get, Nos, Monster, Amp, Bawls (original), Kronik, and Rockstar. ok I'm sure right now you're thinking, dear god... why and thats what a normal sensible person would do but we drank it. This thing was cheekily named "Suicide", it was a manage of fake greens and pinks and oranges. We drank it all and whatever was left in the cans, and proceeded outside. When I was walking time slowed down and I could see all the light particles moving like when you hit hyperdrive, I could hear my heart crying and screaming in a James Mason voice. anyway we call a friend to drive us to Burger king because obviously we got the munchies from the devil piss we just drank and it had the happy ending of our hearts didn't explode and organs didn't melt. A perfect way to describe it is with this.

4. I work as a social worker
- My Job is sort of like Mr. Holmes in which I take care of a mental handicap person, namely my brother. he has Hyperlexia which means its high functioning autism. I work for the lovely(?) state of Iowa and always love telling people I work for the government with such a stone face, oooh the faces they make. The job entails that with me working with my brother one day he will live on his own and be a "socially functioning person". Shopping, when an emergency happens, working at a job someday etc.

5. Most of my injures in my life have came from concerts
- Now I'm not much for fighting and getting all rough with people. Being reserved and shy most of the time you don't really expect me to be so rambunctious in a pit but I am. i've bruised my ribs, gotten head butted in the gut, bloody nose, almost broken a couple bones. These were all sustained at local shows and as I got older I knew how to move and sway in a mob of people. My favorite moment so far has to be at a Suicide silence concert and we did a "Wall of Death". If you are not versed in the arts of neanderthalian acts well you split the crowd in two (we had about 2 1/2 stage crowds worth of people mind you) and at the singers call you ran at each other. Now I didn't get hurt but I close lined a kid in some scene kid hottopic shirt.

6. The sea is a world of nightmares
- The oceans and seas scare the shit out of me for many reasons, one mainly the organisms that inhabit it. Something called a "Stareater fish" and not to mention the thankfully extinct Megaladon that was a shark bigger than a bus. The Pistol Shrimp that frankly no animal should have a gun type as part of its name, I'll stick to Red Pandas and Cardinals. I always feel I'm doing the world a solid for eating fish or any animal of the sea, God really messed up the day he made the ocean which is a good segway for....

7. I don't know how to swim
- I mean thats really it, see examples up there, a sea of abominations it is.

8. Im not religious but...
- I like the art in religions, specifically christian and Hindu paintings. I was always so impressed with the detail in the figures in late christian paintings and the colors of the hindu art. I own a couple book on Byzantine to Renaissance era paintings. I do wish I had more on Hindu art but all I really own are a couple art history books I got from college classes.

9. I believe in the supernatural
- Mostly ghosts and spirits, good and bad. I've had some nasty experiences with bad spirits but Im usually around well meaning ones. I'm sure some of you will roll your eyes and chortle that ghosts aren't real but they are to me dammit!

10. I'm a big hockey fan
- Now being from Iowa, I have two choices really for home teams. Minnesota wilds and the Chicago Blackhawks. the Blackhawks just kinda stuck, I actually got more games of theirs than minnesota so theres that. Im surprised Hockey isn't bigger in the the U.S. its guys going high speeds on death blades hitting each other and launching rubber bullets at 150 mph, its great!

hmm well that is it guys! that was harder than I thought it was going to be..   read

9:33 PM on 04.01.2012

Take that Live! and other brain spilling.

Some of you may have noticed on Twitter a while back that I got my Xbox Live account back. With the help of the pimp wizard Knutaf, lending a helping hand and laid down some buttery smooth jive on some honkies. I'm guessing after a day or two of this, I finally got a call from support and this phone call took about 2 minutes approximately, saying all the bans were lifted and all I needed to do was change my password and I have an account back. I was kind of in shock and danced around the house a little bit like a little school girl. I even told the guy that was helping me I couldn't even believe I had live back. How did it take over a year to get this all fixed? I don't know but I'm extremely relieved and grateful for Knutaf's help, my star child war hero. So if any of you wonderful Dtoiders would want to add me you can now! ha, just get at me daaaawgs.

I've been trying to catch up on games that currently never got a chance to play with my xbox being neutered. Mass Effect 3 was a big one and so far its been wonderful. I've actually been playing the multiplayer a lot more than the single player, since I really expect much from it I was pleasantly happy. Being an Adept has been a nice change of pace to my run and gun solider Shepard, almost an unstoppable force honestly. So far the worst thing thats happened to me in that game is getting rid of a certain issue and losing a teammate. I was a little shocked and wanted to cry a bit, I miss said teammate and love his voice actor. the only way to console my broken heart was to shoot a bunch of things in the face, like any sensible person would. I'm nearing the end of the single player campaign and haven't really wanted to finnish it until I want a break from the multiplayer which might be soon. Im sick of hiding from spoilers still (been successful so far). I got to play the wonderful eyegasm that is El Shaddai. I know from the hour that I played its going to be such a treat to look and play that game. The combat system is interesting and can't wait to see how it unfolds with new weapons and what not. I will say I don't have much of a steady grasp of the combat as I probably should but I'll get there. Its been wonderful to be playing Castle Crashers again, rocking the pink knight and his rainbow magic.

With me being an artist and everything, I actually have an awesome project I'm working on right now. Helping design a album cover/merch for a local Iowa band called "Senseless Beauty", some pretty cool dudes. also actually doing a portrait drawing of Dtoiders genhaver and knutaf, which will be up shortly when I have time to finish them with work and a driving trip to Cedar Falls this week with the girlfriend. I do plan on doing reviews of games/music in the same post because I love you guys and you shouldn't be withheld content right? now if you'll excuse me there is cold beer in my fridge and video games to play, because this only can end well.   read

1:30 PM on 03.19.2012

My Battle With Live and Getting My Account Back.

This is a tumultuous tale of my patience being tested and utterly strained. A while back if you recall there were reports of live accounts being hacked from the FIFA games, I was one of the unlucky ones that got hit; I Played this game once and was hacked like crazy. I got about 70-100 dollars of avatar items charged to my account and the remaining points I had reserved for Rockband songs. The Account password and region was completely changed to chinese and it was locked out. All this happened in March LAST YEAR! now I didn't get my refund back until about June or so, had to change my debit card and all that jazz, fun I know... after being refunded they kept telling me the obligatory "it will take x number of days/weeks/months" or whatever. this kept happening for several months to the point were I said fuck it and gave up this battle. December rolls around and I come to really want to play some Xbox games I have, Like Saints Row 3 or El Shaddai. NO, still locked down, still has the unauthorized email on the account I asked to be removed several times and months ago.

I even have been on Twitter to help this this thing resolved, didn't help they didn't really know what to do and told me to call customer support or email xbox live for more information. I tell them "i've already been doing that for several months, its hitting the 10 month mark of this issue". Still insisting I should call them tomorrow and I did, gave me the answer of "we will send this to our escalations team and you will receive an answer within 3-5 days". again this repeats and repeats until March hits. Ironically the year mark was the day Mass Effect 3 came out and all my save data is on the Xbox 360 so I can basically just look at the box. I got a glimmer of hope recently with them actually migrating the account back to the US but still having the email on there, the account being locked, etc. telling me they can send a windows live reset so i can have control to get rid of the email and get my account back. Ok why wasn't this brought up over a year ago?

This was all brought up by the fact I just got off the phone with them, its gotten to the point they know me by voice. They had the nerve at this point to tell me "you will here from the escalation team within 3 days" I then proceeded to yell "no that's not acceptable, I want this resolved now its been a year now" He kept his cool and said ill hear from them within 3 days. I got my reference number and hung up. I would love to just ass punch their soul or whatever black hole or what have you so hard not even the weeping angels would say "oh fuck, that guy means business".   read

8:21 PM on 03.06.2012

My Top 5 Game Sountracks.

There are certain songs that when I hear it, I have an emotional response. Honestly I'd take that over someone trying to convey an emotion through story or conversation. Just shut your character up for a bit and let the composer to his job of conveying the scene and mood of that particular moment. Anyway... here is a list of five game soundtracks out of my many years of gaming that have stuck with me and still evoke something out of this bitter/ slightly cakey heart.

#1: SSX Tricky

"It's Tricky (K-Rec Remix)" - Run-D.M.C.
"Smartbomb (Plump's Vocal Mix)" - BT
"Finished Symphony" - Hybrid
"King of the Beats" - Aphrodite
"Board Burner" - Mix Master Mike
"System Overload (the Download)" - Huda Hudia
"Push" - Plump DJs
"Song for Dot" - Space Raiders
"Slayboarder" - Mix Master Mike and Rahzel
"Gin and Sin" - John Morgan
"Shake What Yo' Momma Gave You" - Skank
"Peaktime" - Rasmus
"Reality Detached" - The Forth
"Bonecracker" - Shocore
"Leader" - Bif Naked

Honestly who doesn't like the SSX Tricky soundtrack? I'll Tell you! heathens and Rick Santorum thats who! This always pumped me up for my next race or trick run, and it never got stale or felt like I needed something different. High energy and great beats are the name of the game here folks and its wonderful, and this is coming from a kid that didn't really care for this type of music at the time it came out. It blended perfectly with the image of the over the top riders and venues (Tokyo Megaplex!) and came to a near perfect conclusion for me. You couldn't help but smile listening to this.

#2: Illusion of Gaia

01 - illusion of gaia ~the age of exploration
02 - start a journey ~map of the world
03 - south cape, the town by the sea
04 - dark space
05 - lola's melody
06 - edward's castle
07 - fanfare
08 - danger abounds
09 - phenomenon
10 - itory, the hidden village
11 - signs of the past
12 - larai cliff ~where the wind doesn't reach
13 - melody of the wind
14 - the guardian
15 - reversion
16 - will's dream
17 - adrift
18 - freejia, city of falling petals
19 - the memory melody
20 - in the earthen womb
21 - sky garden
22 - the ocean palace of mu
23 - the great wall of china
24 - russian glass
25 - ankor wat
26 - the pyramid
27 - clash of light and shadow
28 - to the new world
29 - staff roll ~around the world

Ok with also being one of my top favorite soundtracks, the game is one of my top favorites games. For those of you that are too young or just complacent to know of this game, It is part of a "Soul Blazer" series. There were three games in said series, Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma. They are spiritual sequels about rebuilding a world and taking part in the evolution of the world and other various religious themes... vaguely. There was weight to the music, it added tension, and sadness, and guilt. When you enter a place for the first time, and the instruments start up, it has a mystical quality to it that fits very well with the game.

#3 Final Fantasy X

When this game first came out, listening to that opening theme "To Zanarkand" I felt like this was going to be special. Nobuo Uematsu is basically a god of a composer, with what little time he uses and how powerful his music is, astounding. I mean the silly rock track that plays during the Zanarkand Abes wasn't all that bad was it? but I guess back then I listened to Slipknot and Rob zombie. Somedays songs from this game will get stuck in my head and great memories will flow into my head of what I experienced in that game. I actually did care about the characters (debatable with Wakka And Riku) and I will say, you would be heartless if you didn't tear up at the end.

#4 Brutal Legend

This speaks heavily to my teenage metal head years. King Diamond, Motorhead, In Flames, Dethklok, the list goes on. I mean the gameplay was hit and miss for me but driving around with the music blaring was enough for me, especially when you'd hit a ramp and a solo would be playing. I'd probably buy this game for 20 bucks just so i can listen to the soundtrack and put up with the crappy RTS bull crap. It's like being a dumb teenager drinking beers and listening to some dumb loud music and I'm totally ok with this.

#5 Jet Set Radio Future

"Latch Brother Bounce"
Written and Performed by The Latch Brothers (Mike D and Kenny 'Tick' Salcido)

"Ill Victory Beat"
Written and Performed by The Latch Brothers (Mike D and Kenny 'Tick' Salcido)

"Koto Stomp"
Written and Performed by The Latch Brothers (Mike D and Kenny 'Tick' Salcido)

"Me Likey the Poom Poom"
Written and Performed by The Latch Brothers (Mike D and Kenny 'Tick' Salcido)

"Count Latchula"
Written and Performed by The Latch Brothers (Mike D and Kenny 'Tick' Salcido)

"Rockin' the Mic"
Written and Performed by The Prunes (Peder Pederson, Simon Bonde, Christian Buksti) Remixed by The Latch Brothers (Mike D and Kenny 'Tick' Salcido)

"The Scrappy"
Words and music by Adam Horovitz and Amery Smith Remixed by The Latch Brothers (Mike D and Kenny 'Tick' Salcido)

"The Answer"
Written by James Di Salvio and David Di Salvio Performed by Bran Van 3000 Remixed by The Latch Brothers (Mike D and Kenny 'Tick' Salcido)

"Aisle 10"
Performed by Scapegoat Wax

"I'm Not A Model"
Written by Russell Simins, Jamey Staub, and Rick Lee Performed by Russell Simins

"Statement Of Intent"
Written by Amanda MacKinnon, Steven Clark, and John Clark Performed by Bis

"Birthday Cake"
Composed by Cibo Matto, Miho Hatori, and Yuka Honda Performed by Cibo Matto

"Concept of Love"
Hideki Naganuma

OOOOOOOOOOOOH SNAP! because this is a big surprise to see. This soundtrack is so god damn catchy and recognizable its ridiculous. "Concept of Love" and "Birthday Cake" being my two favorites with "Aisle 10" being a solid runner-up. I dare anyone to play this game and not have a smile on their faces when listening to the music and you are jumping around and spraying things. The best part for me is how the soundtrack gets included in the gameplay with you timing tricks to the beat (but I could be the only one that did that). This soundtrack is the equivalent to Holmes teaching a child to ride a bike.

Now you could move some of the choices around, they are not set in stone except JSRF. What Soundtracks stick out to you and make you squee like a little girl, please share your lists!   read

7:28 PM on 01.25.2012

Life so far.

I'm terribly sorry I haven't been posting anything as of late, for the past month I've been sick with mono and other various colds and flus. Basically incapacitating me and making me feel terrible I never update this thing. When I got the mono, it came at possibly the worst time as school was starting up and I had to withdraw from the semester as there is no way I'd go back after like 2 weeks of missing school. Fear not though I do have something to post for art, the drawing that was meant to be finish and posted here but was halted. Mind you this is one of my first attempts at portrait drawings in a while.

"Francois Hardy"
Medium: 2b and HB graphite pencils

I'm going back to bed, I'm still trying to get over this crud. There will be more in the future I promise!   read

9:09 PM on 12.11.2011

My introduction blog

Hello all, this is a momentous occasion as this is my first blog here on Destructoid. By day I work as a social worker for my brother that has hyperlexia which is on the spectrum of autism. I am a student currently, my major being art. I have a feeling I'll be posting some artwork of mine be it video game related or not ha h, a also I love the musics and the things that they call books.   read

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