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anime avatar 11:45 AM on 05.05.2008  (server time)
aniMonday #1 - RD Senno Chosashitsu

Welcome to the first aniMonday, hosted by Atheistium & Pedro Blandino. aniMonday is basically a small get together like shimuni (shitty movie night) and FNF where users of Destructoid get together and do stuff! We decided there was a huge Animé fan base here at Destructoid (and Japanator) and together we can check out the latest animé and discuss.

Each week will premier a new animé episode from a different series. We will only return to a series if the demand is high for it. We will have special nights for animé movies! All our episodes will be downloaded via Torrent and we meet in a community run dtoid Ventrillo. We have our own room there which is called the theater, which is located under the Handheld gaming room. Details on logging into the ventrillo can be found here (also the passwords are 'dtoid' then 'ftw' to enter the social lounge).

RD Senno Chosashitsu
Plot Summary: The Real Drive is a "neo-futuristic science-fiction suspense" story is set in A.D. 2061, when a new, more secure information network called the Material Network (or "Metal") has taken over human society. However, aberrations begin to crop up as individuals chafe against the rigid system, and so-called "cyber divers" are dispatched to investigate these incidents. The the main cast consists; the cyber driver Mari, an "intuitive girl" named Minamo, the team's head Eiichiro, the combat expert Sota, and the android Horon. More information?

Torrent Link:
Direct Download:

The time we will be hosting it is;
1 a.m. GMT
8 p.m. Eastern
7 p.m. Central
6 p.m. Mountain
5 p.m. Pacific
4 p.m. in Alaska
2 p.m. in Hawaii

Please comment if this time is too early or too late etc. I would like to work out a nice time for everyone to work with. This is just the first night we are having so it will be adjusted in time :-)

Enjoy and hope to see you all there.

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