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amxwolf avatar 2:52 AM on 05.23.2013  (server time)
MWHA- Track#7 - Looking Ahead - Mario Party 3

*Sorry, posting a bit earlier today- may not be at my computer later on XD ANYWHO,*

Alright. Ladies and gentlemen, this next track for my MWHA is one of my all time favorite game songs in the history of gaming. I'm actually curious to see how many people agree with me that this piece is awesome and amazing, so, here goes.

Every now and then I wonder if the creators of the Mario Party series truly understood just how popular and successful their creation was going to be. Released in late 1998, the first Mario Party hit the scene as pretty much the first of its kind. And gamers loved it! Minus the palm-torture inducing mechanics of some of those intense but cute mini-games, nothing was more satisfying and simultaneously friendship destroying than a good game of Mario Party. The track I most rave about however, comes a bit later in the series - circa 2001 for us in America (Late 2000 in Japan).

Mario Party 3, in my opinion, has the best soundtrack of any of the games in the series. And the one song that stood above the rest, to me, was "Looking Ahead"; a mini-game background song.

Composers Ichiro Shimakura and the great Koji Kondo are the men behind this absolutely wonderful and stick-in-your-head song. And what is not to love? There's a great atmosphere about the piece with the newly evolved instruments used in the soundtrack for this game. The piece dances up and down the chromatic scale in a playful but spectacular manner. The deal was sealed for me however, by the last few measures of the loop. That wonderful ending still sends chills up my spine, despite the hundreds of plays it's racked up on my iPod playlists.

Like all mini-game songs in the Mario Party series, "Looking Ahead" can be heard in multiple games. In this case, the two 4-Player games, Awful Tower and Parasol Plummet showcase the composition with a speed climb to the tip top of what would appear to be Mario's rainbow castle, and a death dive off of nowhere in a scurry to collect as much folding money as humanly possible.

There haven't been very many remixes of these piece that I have come across. I have however, seen many people requesting this piece for mixing on multiple game music sites. I did find at least one remix on youtube, but it's more of a reworking of the piece. It's nice to listen, but doesn't much resemble the original beyond the very beginning. You can listen to it here

If you're not particularity familiar with "Looking Ahead" or the Mario Party 3 soundtrack, I HIGHLY recommend getting to know this pretty lady. The music is all very unique and very easy to find yourself listening to for hours on end. Another perfect example of the phrase: "Whatever Koji Kondo and the people that work with him are being payed, it's not enough."

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