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amxwolf avatar 7:58 PM on 04.29.2013  (server time)
MWHA: Track #3 - Main Theme - Luigi's Mansion

As gamers, we've grown up with various series that seem impervious to the passage of time. Super Mario Bros. and the associated titles are all part of a grand collection that has spread far and wide over the consoles released by Nintendo. We've seen our favorite plumber, a little pixel person by the name of Jump Man, turn into the unstoppable, galactic-hero force that is modern Mario. And while standing in the background for many years, brother Luigi was given the opportunity to transform as well in a little game called Luigi's Mansion.

In this title, Luigi gets to stalk about a flamboyantly creepy mansion haunted with individually named boos and their colorful ghastly cohorts. As you spend your time searching for Mario, you'll become quite familiar with the brilliant main theme of this game:

The composer of this simply fabulous piece is one of my favorite composers, Kazumi Totaka. You may recognize that name from Yoshi's Story, Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, or from the legend of his 19-note melody hidden in pretty much every game he's composed for. In any case, Totaka struck virtual gold in Luigi's Mansion with this hauntingly classic composition that utilizes an instrument not often heard in video games - the protagonist's voice. I've always been a fan of the various haunted house and castle themes that have been composed and arranged for the Mario series. But in my opinion, this song is king of the spooky specter serenades.

In effect, the theme from Luigi's Mansion has become the theme for Luigi himself, and Nintendo ended up picking out their own arrangement of the piece for the eagerly anticipated, Super Smash Bros. Brawl.(Arranged by Shogo Sakai)

It can be argued that this piece is one the key factors that helped Luigi fit into his recently altered identity; Luigi became not just Mario's brother, but rather a timid, easily spooked, yet lovable hero. Hero light, as it were. And within this piece, lay the potential for some ridiculously well made remixes. Believe me comrades, there are a lot of mixes for this piece out there, and they come in almost all styles! With a little hunting, you may find that I've left a piece out of this list that you find even more enjoyable. But in the interest of keeping this blog small, I've listed just a handful that I personally thought were positively glorious. Starting with.....

Luigi's Mansion Theme (Dubstep Remix): By ZMiX - (Probably my favorite. VERY VERY WELL DONE!)

Luigi's Mansion Remix- Mixed by:Vonyco

Luigi's Rave - Mixed by: MarioMan94

and as I said, there are mixes out there in styles other than your typical techno:

Luigi's Mansion Halloween Edit-Mixed by: GameMusicPersonThing

and {KgZ} Luigi's Ragtime- Mixed by: KgZ

This piece is by no means an unknown piece. I'm sure that there are people all over the place that heard this song either in the original Luigi's Mansion or maybe later in Brawl. But I think it's pretty safe to say that this piece was universally recognized as another great musical installment in the classic Mario (and now Luigi) series. Oh yeah baby, it's-a Luigi time.

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