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amxwolf avatar 7:34 PM on 04.25.2013  (server time)
MWHA: Track #2 - Mystic Mansion - Sonic Heroes

It goes without saying that anybody and probably everybody that has picked up a video game console of any kind has heard of Sonic the Hedgehog. Some know the franchise for the pure and simple games of the past, and a lot of us know it for the, shall I say, less than stellar games that have been put out over various consoles in the last decade. Still, to this day, fans of Sonic feel right at home with the recognizable level designs, controls, and quite often the music created in the vast library of Sonic titles available.

We're taking a trip back to late 2003 (Japan) and early 2004 here in the states as well as Europe, where yet another Sonic the Hedgehog game was released. Taking place after Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes was another attempt by Sega to utilize 3D story telling and level design to create an awesome Sonic game. Arguably, the dialogue could have used a bit more substance and thought, considering that most of lines delivered by Team Rose made the average gamer die a little on the inside. Also, It wouldn't have hurt to run a few more tests on the mechanics of the game, weeding out the fairly numerous fatal glitches encountered throughout the journey. wait! WAIT! I CAN'T MOVE!!! BUT I ALMOST HAD IT!!! DAMN YOU SEGA!!!!)

But if you can make it at least halfway through the game without rage quitting, you'll find your team of choice standing outside a dark and spooky residence, where only time can tell what lies inside waiting for you.

Mystic Mansion

"Mystic Mansion" is one of several pieces in this game that is absolutely easy to love. Along with eight other amazing artists, lead composer Jun Senoue laid down some seriously awesome tracks in this game. The music style of Mystic Mansion is very "Sonic-esque" in form, while really exploring a wide variety of instruments. One perfect example is the chapel bells setting the tone at the beginning of the piece, while later coming back in to support the melody. And this song truly gets you pumped for a mysterious haunted house adventure with the various warbly sounds and that wonderful slide synth used for the primary melody.

Now, in my attempt to find remixes of this piece, I came up a little short handed. There are a few fairly decent remixes of this piece out there. I however, only came across a few that i felt were worth noting:

Mystic Mansion Sonic Heroes (mixed by: XsakuX) (This one is my favorite of the bunch, if for nothing else the AWESOME INTRO.)

Mystic Park Mix (A mash up mix by: TrickyWolfy)

and OC Remix #2235- Sonic Heroes 'The Wingless Butoh'(mixed by: Mikeaudio) (a mix of multiple tracks, about 2:24 minutes in being the most recognizable usage of Mystic Mansion)

While I'm not one hundred percent sure which one of the nine composer's listed for Sonic Heroes was mostly responsible for Mystic Mansion, I will say that they definitely earned their spot on the team. The various songs that were birthed in Sonic Heroes helped me make peace wtih and move on from the minor technical problems and writing "fail" that I personally had with the game. And because of "Mystic Mansion", I will always keep my eye out for Sonic games with those names listed on the music credits.

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