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amxwolf avatar 12:50 PM on 07.27.2013  (server time)
MWHA- Track #10- Starlight Highway -Snowboard Kids 2

Begin Transmission: Remember not too long ago when I tapped you on the shoulder and shoved earphones in your ears, mumbling something that sounded like sweet nothings about game called Snowboard Kids?

*Shoves earphones in your ears*

So! Taking you back into the world of creative and more artistic racing, our good friends Atlus and Racdym decided that one take on the Snowboard Kids series was not enough to satisfy the cravings of their fan base. In early 1999, another cartridge bearing the likeness of our favorite kid snowboarders hit the shelves and did nothing but exceed all of our expectations. It was said that "The game-play of this game is similar to its predecessor's, yet very different." But by no means was that meant to be taken as an insult. All of the characters were redesigned with new outfits to match the course, the game-play was radically redesigned with a full load of new items and different ways to play. Yet it all still had the charm of the original Snowboard Kids that we grew to love.This of course, included the music.; ALL of the songs off the Snowboard Kids 2 soundtrack are just incredible. The one I'm going to refer to you today was a piece that really reached for the stars and took hold: Starlight Highway

This gorgeous piece of ear candy sets the tone for an out-of-this-world racetrack by the name of (can you guess it?) Starlight Highway. The story of this particular competition begins with young newcomer Wendy Lane summoning a flying saucer to come and essentially abduct both her and her friends for an all out battle on the surface of an orbiting space body. Once there, the crew debarks and straps on their gear, ready to glide across space age booster tunnels and rivers made of materials unknown!

Sure! I'll go! Cuz you know, this seems to always go well with the people in the moving pictures.

The song utilizes the same sounds and synths that are characteristic to this series, but the way this particular piece was composed was very clever. It SOUNDS space-agey! And, it is incredibly gorgeous! The melody is just urgent enough to give the player just the right amount of pressure during this twist-and-turn race. It also features an excellent use of fifths throughout (for those who are musically inclined) and dances ever so fantastically up and down the chromatic scale to create a marvel that rivals the stars themselves.


I was able to find some pretty good mixes of this song out there in the forever expanding void of the internet:

SBK2 Starlight Highway mixed by: DrWaldo

and Starlight Highway mixed by: ellebirdy23

I was hoping to find a bit more information on the specific composers of this piece for my readers, and my web-diving did net me a few names. Tomohiko Sato, Isao Kasai & Sayuri Yamamoto were listed as composers for some of the other pieces woven into this game so....maybe them? If someone does know exactly who is responsible for the millions of chills I get during this piece, please do not hesitate to correct me! They should be properly commended for their work in the various songs from this game, because Starlight Highway, among the others, is nothing short of a Masterpiece. End Transmission.

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