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amxwolf avatar 9:49 PM on 04.21.2013  (server time)
Music Worth Howling About: #0 Set Sail For Music!

Hello Dtoid!

My name is Amxwolf. I'm just a simple gamer who has been playing games since I was just a wee tot. Being raised on Nintendo products, I had the opportunity to grow up with some of the most iconic and pretty much kick-ass games that our world has been blessed with. Titles such as 'Banjo Kazooie', 'Super Mario 64', 'The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time'.....I could go on for hours!

I'm sure most of you agree that these games in themselves, with the puzzles, challenges, and other captivating attributes stand not by themselves. One of the key parts of these games we've come to love are the mood-setting tunes that caress our ear drums whilst we sit happily gaming to our hearts content. Even as a little girl, I've always taken my time listening to the wonderful compositions that accompany the different levels and menus that we, as gamers, come across.

So! In true scientific fashion, why not share my findings with the community or even the WORLD? Who knows, I may have even stumbled on a piece you've not heard and have been searching for all your life? It could be love at first sound! Why even take a chance in missing some of the greatest compositions you, the gamer, may be missing out on?!

Prepare yourself, as I take it to the next level! Not only will I share with you some of my personal favorites, as your captain, I will diligently scour the vast, depressing information ocean that is the present day internet for wonderful remixes of these pieces! And we, the crew of our ship the S.S. Music-Worth-Howling-About (or MWHA for short) can grow to love the gaming music world as we travel it's various continents and meet it's different people and compositions!

Whoa. Things got a little intense there for second.

But I digress, I also am looking forward to (in the future) taking requests from gamers (like you! and you!) out there for songs that you would like to hear an opinion on.

I will post my first OFFICIAL MWHA Track tomorrow and another on Thursday. I hope you will all join me. Until then, remember that music is the language we all speak fluently. ^_^

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