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amtrak08 avatar 10:12 AM on 06.04.2008  (server time)
Thank You All For My First Destructoid Experience

Most of you know me as droobies girl by now, ya know the guy who is always getting naked for everyone. Well thanks to him I have been able to be part of the destructoid community. droobies and I hooked back up after a 12 year disconnection with eachother and we found out that we had so much in common. I have always been a gamer, maybe not on the level that I am now since I met droobies, but I always played something. droobies introduced me to destructoid and stickam where I have met all you awesome people. When we had a chance to go to the Cinci NARP I was so excited that I would get a chance to meet all of you that I have been able to hang out with on stickam. The NARP was everything that I hoped it would be. Everyone that I met and came into contact with was amazing. It was a experience that I will never forget. It has me so excited about PAX that I don't know what to do.

To the three amazing people that rode crammed in my car for many, many, many hours...thank you. I love you guys and can't wait to see you all again.

Rio, you are a really fun person to hang with and I am so glad that we are friends. It is so great that we live so close to eachother, it will give us other opportunites to get together. I say DUDE all the time now cause of have completely rubbed off on me.

Miggles...WOW! Man only you would come up with Indiana Downs, Dang Girl. You kept me laughing the entire time I was around you. You have such an amazing personality and you are like me in so many ways. On the way to Cinci you were awesome keeping droobies and I awake so we could get to our destination. Thanks for introducing me to some awesome metal/punk music. I enjoyed your company so much and you are welcome anytime in droobies and I's home.

Suffocat, your metal hand rocks. It was so fun to hang around you and for you to pop in some metal music in the car and throw up the metal hand. Thanks to you as well to playing some great music on our long car ride. You have a great personality and I felt so comfortable hanging around you. Thanks for all the hugs that you gave away, and I can't wait to see you at PAX.

Joe, Ron, Fist, Puppet and everyone else that put this awesome NARP together...thank you for putting the time and money into a truly amazing, drunken crazy fest. I know you guys worked really hard and everything did not go to planned. But I know that everyone there had an epic time because of you guys. Good work and I know that all of us can't wait til the next cinci NARP. "I got cornholed at the cinci NARP"

Riser, I will take a lager bomb for you anyday buddy.

Tazar...OMG, man I was so excited to get to meet you and it was everything that I knew it was gonna be. You are awesome! I hope that you will enjoy the picture of my naked boyfriend. It is a sneek preview of what you will see at PAX. Thank you for the copy of Rescu Rangers, maybe someday we can play together.

Keener...dude, you have a cool personality and it was fun to hang around you.

Chee, it was great to hang with you when you came back to the hotel with us. You wear really tight girl pants, but you are cool anyway. Maybe someday you will see droobies and I have sex on stickam...but probably not so don't get your hopes up.

Drew, you are my one and only make me laugh so much when I think about you showing people you junk all the time. Thank you for introducing me to all these awesome people. You are so great to hang out with even out of our home and that makes me appriciate you even more than I do now...I love you baby.

I know that I have forgotten to mention so many people, but everyone was so AMAZING. You all made me feel welcome and were so much fun to be around. Thank you all for making my first destructoid experience one that I will never forget. I can't wait to see you all again at PAX.

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