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ammoelf3's blog

10:31 PM on 04.13.2009

Those About to Die: Kilik

Here's the prick. Kilik is the physical manifestation of fear to me. It all started back in 2005 when Soulcalibur III was released for the ps2. Some friends of mine mentioned something along the lines of "renting Soulcali...   read

3:36 AM on 02.25.2009

RPG Battle: Final Fantasy VII vs. Chrono Cross

Hello Everyone, SPOILERS FOR GAMES IN TITLE This is a blog "series" I'm planning on doing, and I'm planning on calling it "RPG Battle" because I can't think of a better name currently. As a result of my new found interest i...   read

6:15 PM on 12.11.2008

Hello Destructoid/My New RPG Romance

(I figured I would make my first Destructoid c-blog about a recent genre I have gotten into. By all means it isn't my favorite genre, but I've come to appreciate it a lot in the past year. I also have been lurking Dtoid for a...   read

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