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amlabella avatar 4:32 PM on 07.08.2013  (server time)
RIP Ryan Davis, You'll Be Missed

My second blog post was supposed to be the continuation of my favorite games, but then I woke up and read some devastating news. Ryan Davis, former GameSpot editor and Giant Bomb co-founder, has passed away at just 34 years old.

Across the internet you can see numerous gamers pouring their hearts out over this incredibly sad news. Many of them, myself included, have not met Ryan Davis. I've never interacted with him at all, whether it be on forums, Twitter, or any other medium. And yet his passing feels like a punch to the gut. I can say, without hesitation, that he had an effect on my life.

Going back to the GameSpot days, I'd take pleasure in reading his thoughtful reviews that brilliantly toed the line between professional and entertaining. It took him a little while to develop an on-camera personality (just take a look at this wonderful historic relic), but by the time he co-founded Giant Bomb with Jeff Gerstmann, he had cemented himself as a key figure in videogame journalism.

In fact, he stands as one of the biggest influences on my overall interest in videogame journalism. When I read Ryan Davis' content, I wanted to go out there and write something of my own so I could follow in his footsteps. That desire has only strengthened due to his work at Giant Bomb, where he has brought joy and laughter to viewers across the world.

I'm not entirely sure how Giant Bomb will fill such a void. Ryan Davis was almost a daily presence in my life, whether that came in the form of quicklooks, Bombcasts, or any other content that makes Giant Bomb such a special website. It's only been hours since I heard the news and I already miss him...

There's a reason why sites like Destructoid, IGN, Polygon, Game Informer, and others have such kind words to say about Ryan Davis. He may have worked at Giant Bomb, but his presence was felt throughout the entire videogame community. We've lost a truly stand-up guy today, and he will be missed.

My thoughts go out to Ryan Davis' family and friends.

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