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YO! Name's Ammy! Love Okami (Like that wasn't obvious?) Sonic, a lot of nintendo stuff and generally most video games. If you need me you can add me on skype or pm me whenever. Peace.
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HELLO ALL! My Name Is Aaron, Although i am "new" around here, i have been reading the site for quite a while and it has slowly become my favorite gaming media site on the net. Anyways, enough of making a "FailBlog" intro, Why don't we actually talk about some stuff shall we? About me, I'm a young 16 year old sophmore who loves talking, gaming discussion, and most importantly, Gaming. WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THAT COMING! Anyone? Anyone at all?

I think imma just go cry in the corner of shame. ANYWAYS, I hope to provide intelligent and insightful thoughts on current gaming news, people in the community, consoles, handhelds, and various other things. Speaking of handhelds, there are quite a few i would like to talk about.  LIKE TODAY'S TOPIC, (#SEGWAY) The Vita!

So the PS Vita, Widely considered to be the biggest failure in the handheld market thus far. Well, a failure sales wise. The thing as an actually product is quite fantastic. The screen is a nice, big, 5 inch OLED which is near HD in quality. The buttons all are smooth and slick. The thing even has DUAL ANALOG, something the PSP was sorely lacking as we all know. The system is a powerhouse for a handheld featuring a powerful graphics processor, a touchscreen on the front AND back, a camera on the back, and all the typical connectivity capabilities like Wifi, 3g (which you have to buy from AT&T no less), and Bluetooth. On the surface this thing seems pretty damn incredible and it actually is. So the million dollar question is, why is the vita sucking sales wise?

There are a couple of reasons why the Vita is truly sucking sales wise right now. First off, The thing is too highly priced. At launch and before the price drop, 299$ for the regular model and 350 for the 3G model. If that isn't setting off some bells then i don't know WHAT does. THAT much for a handheld? This is the same shit Nintendo had to deal with the 3DS before they dropped the price. It was WAY too highly priced for a handheld and the fact that Sony only RECENTLY dropped the price of the thing to 199$ says a lot. In addition to this price, the memory cards were also priced ABSURDLY high before the price cut and STILL are even afterward

Another problem the vita faced was that at launch, the vita didn't have a strong game lineup. Actually, scratch that, it barely had ANY games at all. It had 25 games, most of which were ports or mediocre games at best. So now we have a system, which is fantastic hardware, design, and look wise, but costs WAY too much money, has little to NO library of original games designed for the hardware, and was poorly marketed. Sony REALLY fucked this one up folks. And pretty much ever since, sales have been extremely low, we have gotten only a couple of good games for the system (Persona 4 Golden being the BEST thing on the system, but i will explain why at a later date), and it feels like Sony has given up hope. But is there still hope for this down in the dumps system?

WELL, if you ask me, 100% YES. Sony is trying its HARDEST right now to push the SHIT out of the vita and bring it back into the market. They just recently announced the 2000 version of the handheld and the PS Vita TV, which i think might be the smartest idea Sony has come up with for this system. A 100$ Vita, which you can play on your tv and from your couch? SIGN ME UP. Sony has also announced price drops for the vita too 199$ and has reduced memory card prices (although they still are quite high). This is how you attempt to revive a handheld. drop the price, make more games, and find a way around the shit you pulled in the first place. If it worked for the 3DS then it can work for you right? Well, that what i think at least. let me know what you think about this whole thing in the comments. I also am open to ANY and ALL criticism as i would like to improve my posts as much as i possibly can. Thank you for reading and keep it rolling fellow peeps!

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