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4:01 PM on 08.19.2010

Street Fighter X Tekken Wish List

Hey all ^_^
It's me again, coming with a juicy question for all Street fighter and tekken fans
The question is: ''Which characters would you like to see in the game?

Heres my list

Street fighter side
1. Ryu ( Evil Ryu)
3.Chun Li
8. Crimson Viper
9. Akuma
10. Alex (Just to make a return)
11. Juri
12. Sagat
13. M. Bison
14. Balrog
15. Fei long
16. Elena
17. Sean ( My favorite character)

Tekken Side
1. Jin (Devil Jin)
2. Kazuya ( Devil Kazuya ftw!)
3. Paul phoenix
4. Marshall law
5. Eddie Gordo
6. Bryan Fury
7. Heihaichi Mishima
8. Lars Alexandersson
9. Yoshimistu
10. Raven
11. Armor King
12. Nina Williams
13. Craig Marduk
15. Steve fox
16.Jinpachi Mishima
17.Asuka Kazama

If you have a better list please feel free to show me and we can compare characters! :)
(I would want to have more but i was in the mix between a few characters.)
If you like it and it was worth reading, please give me a thumbs up!   read

12:02 AM on 06.02.2010

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (Game to be announced)

Hiya! :)

Its Aluzey again, you may remember me from my last blog.
Well anyways let's get down to business!

Scott Pilgrim, (For those who have not read the comic book) is a 23 year old Bum Slacker/Bassist from Canada who falls in love for this hot delivery chick named Ramona V. Flowers. Seems like a simple romantic love story? Prepare to be Bedazzled! (Hate that word but thought I should use it to increase my vocabulary)

Ramona will date Scott,but under condition... He has to defeat her seven evil ex's!
And let me tell you, THEY KICK ASS! (no not that movie)
You won't get your eyes off how awesome it looks, the fight scenes, and the little emoticons when somebody is feeling emotional! Its basically a Zelda meets Megaman/ Star wars/Pixelated Beat em the fuck up fighting movie!

Michael Cera will be playin as Scott Pilgrim and Ramona will be played by my not really girlfriend, Mary Elizabeth Winstead. The rest you can check them out on wikipedia or the official site:

I think E3 will announce a game for this movie, which i hope won't be a rip off like so many movie inspired games.
And Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World will be out in theatres on August 6th for my UK friends and the 13th of August Internationally..

The Trailer Link is here:
Enjoy :)
^ Just copy and paste it, i'm having difficulty with my videos right now.

Here is the teaser trailer
^ Same thing for this one.

I'm very sorry about making you guys copying and pasting.. :/
But until I get a raise, Farewell   read

8:48 PM on 05.18.2010

Blazblue and why im disappointed

Hey Destructoid-ers :P,

Today i played Blazblue, and i thought to myself... ''why does such a good game which has so much potential to be a very fluid and rich fighting game, suck so much?''
The story mode kinda leaves you dry, and you become aquainted with the cast of characters real quick.
Am i the only person that feels this way?
I kinda dont like ragna's persona, one second he is all bad A word, then the next he is chowing down with Mrs. Kitty at a resturant! WT F word??
I hate playing through the story mode because its like......BLAH BLAH BLAH imma kick ur ass BLAK BLAH BLAH! SKIP THIS S word!
Gameplay is F word awesome though :)

Guilty Gear is still #1 on my list and will always be until i see progress.

Until we have another oil spill, sayonara

PS. Who is your fav Character?
[img]   read

7:25 AM on 04.24.2010

Who is the most powerful Marvel Character out there

Recently, During my f'd up Spring break, I fell on the ground...( My little brothers damn toys! )
and thats when i thought to myself....
Who is the most powerful marvel character out there?

There has been Loads of opinions from many different people.
one dude said paper bag spiderman was the most powerful which i thought was brave of him.. O_o

The character which seems to favor a lot of people i have asked is the Norse Musclehead Thor..
I'm not saying they are wrong but HELLO NO!!!
Dr. Strange has a better opporotunity winning that award than Thor! But still thor is still a powerful badass.

Its annoying to me, Kinda like getting an Email in all CAPS.
to know that people are not even trying anymore.. what happend to the nerds, geeks, and die hard hungry fans of marvel?!

I need to know if somebody out there can beat my list of possible marvel badasses who could possibly be the most powerful of all time!

1. Thor ( Gotta Give Him Props )
2. Captain Marvel
3. The Incredible Hulk/Zombie Hulk ( Pure Brute Force )
4. Dr. Strange
5. The Sentry
6. Galactus ( Big ol Fart! )
7.TOAA ( The One Above All)
8.Thanos ( Gauntlet Series )
9. Silver Surfer
10, Dr. Doom ( Great leader and smartest man in the marvel universe )

Well if you can beat my list, send it to me in a message or even just write a comment about em..
Believe me, i spent 5 years coming up with this list!

Well until The Journalist throws another pair of his shoes at Bush, Farewell my friends...   read

7:34 PM on 04.22.2010

What is your ''Dream Team'' for MvC3? (Limit 40 Chars)

Okay, im not really feeling this new MvC3 Game..
For starters, WTF?! Im guessing they're gonna use the SF4 engine for this game...
2D seems out of the window for games these days, which really sucks because NG is being used so many times (ON EVERYTHING!).
MvC series is not a game that is supposed to be taken lightly, and i think our buddies need to suck it up and start putting more characters in this game!
30 funking Characters?!!!!!!!!!! Hello no!
And the roster from what my sources tell me is super medicore... My little brother Came up with a more in depth roster than this!

Im not hatin Marvel or Capcom, Im just deeply concerned about wtf is going on....

What is your say on this matter?
If you have a kick ass Roster

(Mine is still in the works)

Well until The Hackers of China Fuck the U.S sideways again, Peace

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