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Heya, I'm Alex Giannavola, a 26-year-old writer and artist who digs videogames, anime, poppy punk rock music, diet soda, and nice people.

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8:38 PM on 11.10.2009

Hello there. Gah! I'm so bad at introducing myself, but since you asked; my name is Alex and I am 21 years old. Iíve been lurking around Destructoid for almost a year now. My first taste of this place came from watching Hey Ash, Whatcha Playiní on GameTrailers. There was just something so quirky and awesome about it that I had to have more. When I had watched every HAWP video on GT, I decided to check out the site that it came from, and here I am. Since then Iíve made Destructoid my primary place for videogame news, am a regular listener of the podcasts, and have become one of those pretentious types looking for deeper meanings in videogames (Thanks a lot Reverend Anthony, ya jerk).

Anyways, Iíve decided to come out of the bushes just watching you guys, and hop over the fence to join the party. So let me tell you a little bit about myself (in the form of those ďTen Things About MeĒ lists I saw everyone doing a while back).

1. Iíve been playing videogames since I can remember. My earliest memories include going to my cousinís house and playing Super Mario Bros. on the NES together. Good times, seriously. Then for my sixth birthday, my grandmother bought me my own NES with Super Mario Bros. 3. Isnít she sweet! Since then Iíve owned a Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Gameboy Color, Nintendo 64, PlayStation 2, Gameboy Advance, DS, PSP, Nintendo Wii, and PlayStation 3.

2. I was very much the videogame nerd as a child. But around my high school days, I fell out of the habit, moving my nerdy attention towards anime. It wasnít until I got into college that my love for videogames reawakened in a big way. Only this time around I started thinking of them in a more serious way, which was only propelled further when I got here :)

3. Speaking of anime, I'm into that stuff too. I started off with Trigun years ago and it remains one of my favorites to this day. I also love Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Full Metal Panic, Neon Genesis Evangelion, FLCL and Oh My Goddess.

4. I guess you could say I only recently joined the hardcore. Up until my purchase of the PlayStation 3 slim, all I had this generation was a Wii. Oh man, have I been missing out! But donít get me wrong, Iím still a huge Nintendo fanboy.

5. (j)RPGs are my favorite genre of games to play. No, I havenít been very happy this generation. My favorite game is Final Fantasy IX, btw.

6. Destructoid IS the reason Iím addicted to podcasts. It all started with a simple desire to relive the games of yesteryear with an iTunes subscription to RetroforceGO. Much enjoyment came from that, so sheer curiosity got me to listen to an episode of Podtoid. Then I was hooked! Iím subscribed to 6 gaming podcasts now because I canít go to sleep without people talking about videogames in the background. Is this a problem? I think not.

7. I'm currently in school pursuing my Bachelor of Arts in Writing. Since this degree won't make me any money, I will probably hit up grad school (for Mass Communication) after this. Like I bet a lot of you, I hope to get into a career that has something to do with videogames some day. Hopefully something in videogame JOURNALISM.

8. My other passion, besides videogames and anime, is music. The listening part, that is. My absolute favorite band is The Used. Some other favorites include Something Corporate, Ben Folds, (old) Linkin Park, and much more-- mostly hard rock stuff. I'm not really into classic rock which I know makes me a bad person. As for the playing music part, I'm teaching myself to play piano with slow but sure progress.

9. I usually don't have too much time to watch TV, but when I do I love watching shows that make me laugh. My favorite show ever just may be Futurama (a lot of people say I remind them of Fry, don't know if that's a good or bad thing, hmm...) I also love Scrubs, Spin City, That 70's Show, Itís Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and CSI:NY. Firefly will always hold a special place in my heart.

10. Favorite movies are the hardest thing for me to pinpoint. Again, I love stuff that makes me laugh, low-brow or high-class comedy, and some of the deeper stuff that makes me think. Some that I consistently love are Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Billy Madison, Knocked Up, Garden State, Repo! The Genetic Opera, and A Clockwork Orange. Oh yeah, and Serenity blows my fucking mind every time I see it.

So there you have it, a (not so) brief introduction of ME. Only problem now is I donít know many of you, but I hope to fix that soon :)


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