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Which BL Would It Be Best for Me to Buy?

BL: Border Lands, or Brutal Legend. An odd coincidence that makes an unpleasant decision even more difficult for me to make. I want both of the games. I want both games to be supported in their first month in order to drive ...


Nothing is Sacred: Stories

In the world of video game stories, there are usually two categories: RPG stories... and everything else. RPGs tell long, drawn out , sometimes clichéd, sometimes wholly original stories that generally attempt to make players...


I Suck at Games: GTAIV

If there is one game I regret buying in the entirety of my life, it is Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV. Very infrequently do I buy a game new, especially not 360 games. However, I gave into the peer pressure of 10/10 after 10/...


Splosion Man: A True 21st Century Sonic Game

A number of people have made the comparison, either in passing or in detail, but I figured I'd take a crack at it too, because nothing on the internet's truly original, anyhow. Yesterday, after taking a general hiatus from g...


Proof That There is No God (NVGR)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQw5DLWXVEs That is a trailer for Disaster Movie, a movie I didn't know existed, and certainly didn't want to exist. Around the time Date Movie came out, this whole franchise had been raped, a...


Why I Will Not Be Buying Braid

So, Destructoid loves Braid. I don't. The demo failed to prove that it's worth Doom and Alien Hominid HD combined (same price, and the games I'll be getting over Braid). Why do I hate the demo so much? They show the exact sa...


Please Help Me. My OS Un-Activated. T_T

I got a copy of Windows Vista on 26th. It was a key gotten from a friend whose parent's owned a software business, and had extra keys. It was taken from the box, so I know it's a legit key. However, technically it's not my ke...


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