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Mass Effect PC - First(ish) Impressions

This is a bit more of a first impressions; ive played quite a lot, and progressed the story somewhat. So heres my current impressions of Mass Effect Pc. Good: - Actually, this belongs in the "HOLY FUCK AMAZING" category...


Crytek CEO is not as cool as I thought

Well, my PC gaming brothers and sisters, we're in more trouble. Crysis CEO Cevat Yerli has come out with a statement that, coming from him, nearly rivals the stupidity of the anti-video game media morons. He basically has s...


GTAIV may well be the greatest game ever

Yeah yeah, everyone and their dog has already said this (heck i even did with my previous blog) but i felt like saying a bit more. The awesome thing that brought this blog on is thusly: i was heating up a pie because it was...


Good Idea, Bad Idea: Checkpoints.

Sorry if someone did this and i missed it... Checkpoints are good things, dont get me wrong. Having your progressed saved up to a point gives a major feeling of relief. The problem, is when games do it wrong; when there are ...


An apology, and Timeshift rules!

A couple of days ago, i posted a comment on someones blog, i cant remember who. Their post was about what was wrong with UT3, and at the end they reccomended timeshift as an alternative to all the other fps games. They also m...


Is it so god damned hard...

to make a good arcade racer for pc? After Nfs Carbon turned out to have more than a few major flaws (*cough*wingmen*cough*), i was really hoping the next one would fix it ( i just got pissed off with Most Wanted, the cop cha...


CoD 4 Prologue

This is the best prologue/training mission thing ive ever seen in a game, for three reasons. 1) It actually makes sense! Youre an s.a.s guy. Its a mock-up of a real situation, designed to get you ready for the coming missio...


About ajaxenderone of us since 8:58 AM on 06.23.2007

Hi, my names Andy. Im a 20 year-old student from New Zealand, learning me some Computer Science and Maths. Between that and my gaming, im a bit of a nerd, which contrasts a bit with my biking everywhere and love of Volleyball and going to the gym.

I would hate to pigeon-hole myself, but if pressed id say im a Pc gamer (if only because thats what ive spent the most money on). Whether its Crysis or Peggle, Ill play it. I like most games on all consoles, just wish i had the funds to get them all.

Pc specs:
Intel q6600
Asus P5N 650i mobo
2gb ddr2 800 ram
BFG 8800gts 640
~1tb total hd space.
Other stuff to make it all work good. I run Vista because its more stable than xp, runs nearly as well on my pc, and looks a shitload nicer. I like things to be pretty.

Currently playing: FFIX (on my psp), TF2 (as always). Giving FarCry 2, Fallout 3, and Red Alert 3 a go sometimes, can never stick with any for long though.

Other games i play:
Pc - Everything else in the Orange Box. Audiosurf. Crysis, CoD 4, fps games in general. Guitar Hero 3 (good ol usb guitar).

Psp - monster hunter 2, gba games (that i do own! Or at least my friends own, so id get a hold of them anyway...), psx games too, when i can make them work.

360 - Guitar Hero 2, Halo 3, GTA IV, Lost Odyssey, Fable 2, RockBand soon i hope.

Steam acount - ajaxender12
Steam name - Hans Olo (the snazzy lookin dude in my avatar). I change my name 2 or 3 times a week (sometimes more), normally its a variation of something with 'olo' at the end.
Audiosurf name - Hans Olo.
xbox live - ajaxender12.

inb4 no friends. Laym.


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