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10:10 AM on 07.28.2009

Space Invaders Infinity Gene is AMAZING

So it came out.

The game that I have kinda been waiting for ever since Topher posted about it.

I've played both Space Invaders Extreme 1 & 2 and they are great but I am lazy and don't want to carry around my DS everywhere. Now, I don't have to.

Its only $4.99 on the AppStore. I don't think I have ever been this excited for an iPhone game...ever. It's got techno, it's got colors, it's got power-ups, it's got Charles Darwin (no seriously...), AND its got ridiculous levels of EVOLUTION. What more could you possibly want? You gotta love a game that loves techno and denouncing creationism, at the same time!

Also, if your not techno inclined, you can always change the music to whatever is on your iPod. (I'm thinking Mondo Grosso's "Shinin" x Space Invaders would be a good combo)

The controls are surprisingly responsive. It's no controller, but it works.

I REALLY want taito to make more of this. Please, if you own an iPhone/Touch and are even remotely interested in Space Invaders, Shmups, techno music, or Charles Darwin, you should get this. I would write more but I want to get back to playing.

So, bye.

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