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aimlesssoybeanplant avatar 2:12 PM on 02.02.2009  (server time)
10 things

... or how I learnt to stop worrying and love the meme!

(10) I lurk far to much.
Despite how much I love this site I don't really contribute much to the community, so after a year of having this account I'm going to try and write something for it!!!

(9) The Specs
I'm 6 foot 2 inches tall and freakishly thin. I have long extremely curly dark brown hair. Gay waiters and strangers ask if they can stroke it. I have an odd face given that my nose doesn't sit straight on my face, but it's more then made up by my bright green eyes.

(8) The first system I ever owned was the Game Boy.
I can't remember exactly when I was given it, but I must have been around 6 years old and I loved that beige brick! I was just the right age to be right at the centre of the marketing maelstrom that was Pokemon on release, and must have completed the game at least 6 - 7 times. No matter how much I loved those games, I have no desire at all to play any of the recent ones.

(7) I'm currently studying Media Production at college
It's not that interesting, but I have made something vaguely VGR in the form of a music video for a song from the Bioshock soundtrack. LINK! In a related note if I hear that song ever again I'm going to scream/kill someone/punch a granny. I used to love it but having to hear it over and over and over again while editing the damn thing I can no longer stand it!

Also the whole thing was done in one 7 hour session.

(6) I <3 film!
Due to being a massive camera nerd I managed to get a part time job at a small independent photolab when I was just 15. I spend my days there developing 35mm film (which is slowly dieing *sad face*) and scanning slides. It's a pretty sweet job as I can just work on some pictures of my own when we're not busy, and I get an awesome discount!

I still use my 28 year old Pentax ME Super above anything else, because I love the process that goes into turning a strip Cellulose Acetate and Silver Haylide into the final image.

(5) Music is my other passion.
Music has always been an escape for me, (and it's much the same with games) it's been there to get me though the bad times, and it's the soundtrack to the good times.

I play guitar in a local punk band, which is really just an excuse to drink inordinate amounts of cheap energy drink and jump around the stage like a twat!!! And fall over. Lots of falling over.

(4) I <3 Indie Games
I love playing random little games that no-one has heard of. While they might not always be the most polished, they're always entertaining, and can do things that mainstream games would never dream of!

(3) Game-a-thons
Every year me and some friends get together to play games right though the night! So far we've had sessions on Halo 3, Gears of War, Bomberman, Castle Crashers and Half Life 2. I've never eaten so much junk food in one go at any other time in my life.

(2)My nickname used to be Bambi
Yes like in Scrubs, but I ran out of ideas of things to include in this list.

(1) I once made out to a smokin' hot girl while listening to RetroforceGO!
Seriously there is just something about Chad's voice that makes girlshot

In a related note my girlfriend is awesome ;)

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