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aileronroll avatar 10:46 PM on 02.28.2013  (server time)
First Impressions: Omerta: City Of Gangsters

Real time strategy games walk a fine line, especially on the console. They can either be really fun, such as XCOM: Enemy Unknown, or, in this case, be really boring and monotonous. Omerta: City Of Gangsters attempts to combine the genre with the aesthetic of 1920's Atlantic City. Unfortunately, it falls way short.

First off, the RTS element is broken at best. A waypoint is highlighted on your part of the town and oftentimes when you interact with it, the controls sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. It's especially frustrating when you are talking to an informant and the waypoint can be selected, even if the point is highlighted and your cursor is directly on it. What's more frustrating is the controller scheme. You can tell that this game was made for PC, as the outline was wonky and didn't feel very good.

As far as the graphics are concerned, they were on par with a $20 cheep PC game that a no-name developer does that was released on an outdated OS. The cars are okay, just as long as you don't view them at night, as you can see the actual driver with no animation and no, well, nothing. Just a sprite. The houses geography isn't better, as shoddy textures and frame rate drops run amok. Yes, this is just a demo, but if this is an early indication of the game, a few months of polish is in order.

The combat itself is, again, frustrating. You have a set number of "step points" that you can move on one turn and a set number of "attack points" you can use on that same turn. Often, I was on one area trying to find the nearest cover point only to realize that the step points were depleted and the attack points are full. Moving from cover to cover is a chore to do, especially in the open warehouse scene.

Let's not forget the atrocious sound in the game. You get to enjoy some jazz that is looped over and over while you work as a gangster. The character voice-overs ranged from okay (your main character) to downright laughable (picture of young guy with a voice of an old guy, and vice versa). Not to mention that the text they actually speak is present by a pop-up. Note to the developers of this game: this is 2013. The voice overs can talk for themselves without the player reading what they are hearing.

Overall, I would pass on this game. If you want a great RTS, get XCOM: Enemy Unknown. If you want your 1920's fix, go for LA Noir.

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