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aileronroll avatar 8:57 PM on 03.15.2013  (server time)
First Impressions: Army Of Two: The Devil's Cartel

I've always been a fan of the Army Of Two games, not just that you can play with another person both with split screen and on XBOX Live, but it is just so darn fun! Granted, this was the first TPS game that I have ever played, but I found the story and the gameplay very good. So when the third game in the series was announced, I was giddy as a little schoolgirl when her first crush hugged her.

Don't worry, got this.

With the change of developers from EA Montreal to Visceral Games, I was worried, though, that the game that got me interested in TPS games could take a left turn and change things up a bit. However, the bread and butter of what makes Army Of Two is still there and the game is as fun to play as when the first game came out.

First, the mission on the demo puts you smack dab in the middle of a drug war between the cartels and you...and your partner. This time around, the game chooses how you can approach who goes on the mission. You can either choose the solo route with a bot controlled partner, split screen with a human partner, or by XBOX Live. In each, I found the mission itself quite exhilarating.

So, what do you have to do in this mission? Basically kill as many bad guys as possible. The story will be explained in more detail when the game comes out March 26th. In the mean time, the demo's story is rather bland.

But what is a shooter without it's guns? The game gives you a choice of 9 assault rifles, 4 LMG's, 3 shotguns, 5 SMG's, 4 sniper rifles, and 6 sidearms, which you can customize, mix and match to suit your needs. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Ah...this is perfect.

Not only can you customize your weapon load-out, but taking a cue from the second game, you can also customize your mask. As of this writing, the demo version doesn't have this feature, but does give you a cutscene explaining how it works...and cues in on online multiplayer.

So if you are tired of playing lone wolf in games, definitely check out Army Of Two: The Devil's Cartel on March 26th on XBOX Live, PC and Playstation 3.

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