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aileronroll avatar 11:31 PM on 12.24.2012  (server time)
A bill for violent video games? Why?

If you don't know who Jay Rockefeller is, you may in the near future. He is proposing a bill that would study the impact of video games on children and how it is a concern for the safety and well-being of children. You can read the Senator from West Virginia's statement by clicking on this link:
However, in a time such as this, the bill would be redundant, if not harmful to us gamers.
First off, we already have a system in which games of violent nature is controlled and not allowed to be purchased by anyone under 18 years. The ESRB's job is just that. However, it is up to not only them, but the retailers and the parents to filter what kids shouldn't play. It is not the government's job to do the parents, retailers or any person's job.
And to do this with a curtain of what happened in Connecticut a couple weeks ago is is downright despicable. I think Senator Rockefeller forgot to mention that what happened was not caused by a kid, but by an adult. This was not caused by a kid who wanted to portray what he saw on a video game, but an adult who wanted to massacre kids. He said in his statement that "recent court decisions demonstrate that some people just don't get it." Senator Rockefeller doesn't get it. US gamers, as a whole, believe that certain games belong to a certain group of people. We scour at kids who are playing M rated games due to the fact that these kids don't have much parental discipline in their lives. Who's fault is that? The Senate? I believe it is the parents. Plus, I would like to see these vague court decisions he refers to. If you have read the link, not once did he provide any documentation for any violent video game court decisions on his statement, which leads me to believe that 1. they are very old, back when the ESRB was just getting started or 2. there is no court decisions and he is lying.
Last, he calls on his colleagues to pass this "important" piece of legislation quickly. I call on the gaming community in general to call their senators and tell them that we already have a system in place and we don't need any more to interfere with our games.

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