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adambankhurst's blog

12:00 PM on 12.03.2013

The First Annual Ohio Game Developer Expo

By. Adam Bankhurst In 1998, a group of about 25 game developers held a very "informal" game-centric conference. They had a dream and a vision to provide a venue and platform for developers to showcase their work and speak to...   read

11:56 AM on 10.23.2013

Help Me Make a Difference in Our World

By. Adam Bankhurst Change. Take a minute to think about what that word means to you. Better yet, think of what that word can mean to a child suffering from a disease that he or she does not deserve. Life, unfortunately, d...   read

4:16 PM on 05.01.2013

Bullying and the Silent Enemy

By. Adam Bankhurst Cindy Lou. What does this seemingly innocent name mean to you? For me, it reminds me of a childhood darkened by bullying. It recalls days of when I would fake being sick to not have to go to school and en...   read

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