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acidtechnologic avatar 6:24 PM on 01.08.2012  (server time)
Things I Learned At Magfest

Things I Learned At Magfest - by Paul Sensale

1. DJ Cutman throws it down way hard. (or "i found a dj i liked better than Daft Punk")
2. Cute girls with neon blue hair have an extremely magintizing effect
3. I am rock
4. Tino is the snoring champion (love you, Tino)
5. Destructoid is the coolest gaming site around. Seriously, all of the guys who are part of that site are really cool and a lot of fun to drink with. Go to it.
6. Nobuo Uematsu likes Samuel Adams, and is also a musical genius.
7. only 10% of the magfest attendees were fat, gross, and/or socially inept. I probably met about 20 new people and really enjoyed talking to all of them
8. Anthony and Ashley Burch are just as funny off camera as they are on. Papa Burch, however, is way funnier.
10. Luke (Knife City, drummer of Anamanaguchi) is an awesome dude, although he's really bad at taking compliments of any kind
11. Dancing is an ample subsitute for sleep and food.
12. If you're at Magfest and are feeling tired at 5 am, just drink another beer and play donkey kong at the arcade, it's way better than sleeping.
13. It's possible to smile for 3 days straight.
14. it's possible to drink for 3 days straight.
15. it's possible to dance for 3 days straight.
16. Arin Hanson (egoraptor) is pretty tall.
17. Sleeping under a table is not only feasible, but pretty comfy.
18. Dubstep is fucking awesome to dance to. I wish i was kidding.
19. There's a game for the NES called sweet home, and it's really gory and disturbing. in other words, it's super rad.
20. There's a game called Johanne Sebastian Joust. What you do is sync 6 (7?) playstation move controllers to a laptop, and the objective is to move to the pace of classical music (whether slowed down or sped up) and try to knock one of your 6 opponent's contoller out of his/her hands, while holding onto your own. It's a lot of fun.

I hope you enjoyed reading this silly little list. Magfest was beyond incredible. It's essentially a 3 day party where people play awesome live music all day and night and drink together. Take care.

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