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acidtechnologic avatar 11:13 AM on 01.12.2012  (server time)
spoiler free thoughts on the AMY demo (xbla)

I just recently read the "PSA: DO NOT BUY AMY" article on this site. Upon finishing, two things occured to me: A) Amy is finally out, and B) If this game is truly this bad, i need to play the trial and see for myself. If anyone actually stumbles on this and cares to read it, here's how i feel about the little bit i've played. (for anyone who hasn't read the original article, it's right here
The opening cinematic did stutter a bit, but it wasn't nearly as bad as i was expecting. In other words, i wasn't immediately unsold. However, the dialogue in this initial scene (and the dialogue throughout the rest of the trial) was atrocious. It wasn't even bad voice acting alone, the script too was poorly written. It didn't sound like anyone was having a real conversation. It failed to pull me into the story. There were a couple of lines that made me laugh; they were that unnatural.
When the game started i was a bit relieved. Moving Lana (the main protagonist) around felt good and the controls were responsive. The game did start off with a creepy atmosphere, and the sound effects were very crisp. The game itself is very pretty too. Although it's very dimly lit (it is a survival horror game, after all), the texture work is pretty well done, and the animations are more than decent. For a ten dollar xbox live arcade game, they seemed to have spent a lot of money on the technical aspects of the game.
Where this game fails is it's ability (or lack thereof) to immerse the player. The story seems very convoluted, support characters are really annoying and lack any depth, any/all the scares (in the trial at least) are cheap and haphazard, the monsters are stupid, and the dialogue only worsens. The environments that once had promise are actually pretty bland and do nothing to help the atmosphere. It's all just dark, and there is a difference between scary environments and dark ones.
After all of this complaining, i think to myself "but it's only ten dollars. is it unfair to knock an arcade game for elements that i'd expect in a full price retail release?" When all is said and done, I get the impression that Amy is less like an xbla title, and more like a really cheap bargain bin game. And in this case, you get what you pay for. thanks for reading.

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